Red Dead Online: All Gang Hideout Spawn Map Locations

Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts Map

RDR2 Online has Gang Hideouts across the map, and in this Gang Hideout Spawn Map Location guide, you can get accurate locations of the different gang in the entire world of Red Dead Online. Reddit user rock1jump, has shared a map with an image of different hideout location on it.

Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts Map

All Gang Hideout Spawn Map Locations

A Gang Hideout is a chance to earn rewards and get more, if you are not doing anything in the Free Roam you can check out a nearby hideout.


RDR Online Gang Hideouts spawn on various locations, they are hard to spot if you already know their locations. In this guide, the below image is an updated map that was first updated by user rock1jump. The map has markings of all Gang Hideouts you can find in RDR2 Online. So if you are anywhere nearby you can try out to attack the gang and loot them for rewards. After finding a hideout its location will be revealed in the form of a black house with a red skull in it.


Red Dead Online Gang Hideouts works similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 with little difference. The objective is the same, after finding the hideout attack it and kill all the Outlaws in the region. Then search the camp for items, loot the bodies and there are possible chances you might also get a Treasure Map. For the map, there are bandits who are carrying them and you will have a multiple choice either to kill them or not. If you are able to threaten them enough they will give you the map. Hideouts also reward you Experience points, money and other items.

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Source: Map Image By rock1jump

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