How to Earn Trait and Specialty Points in NHL 19 Be a Pro

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While the Be a Pro mode in NHL 19 has a long way to go before it’s in top form, improvements were made this year with the introduction of a Skill Tree. This tree allows players to spend both Trait Points and Specialty Points, better shaping their stats and on-ice identity. However, it’s not immediately clear how to earn these in the Be a Pro mode in NHL 19.

How to Earn Trait Points in Be a Pro

How to Earn Trait and Specialty Points in NHL 19 Be a Pro
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Trait Points are awarded every time your overall rating increases. In my Be a Pro, I began with about a 60 overall rating, meaning I have the potential to unlock 40 Trait Points. A quick look at the Skill Tree and all its branches quickly shows that not all Traits can be unlocked with only 40 points, so this means players will have to make tough choices about what to increase and what to leave behind. Consider the shape you want your player to take years down the line. If your shot will naturally get much better (and it will), it doesn’t make much sense to pump loads of Trait Points into a category that will already be strong.

How to Earn Specialty Points in Be a Pro

How to Earn Trait and Specialty Points in NHL 19 Be a Pro
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Specialty Points unlock more significant perks for your skater every time your overall rating increases by five. If you start at 60 overall, you will unlock a Specialty Point at 65 overall. Specialties are mainly situational, whereas Trait Points are used to increase your shot power, shot accuracy, deking, offensive awareness, acceleration, etc. A good example of a Specialty would be One Time Wonder. This requires five Specialty Points to unlock, but it increases your shot accuracy while performing a one-timer. Specialties are not so much about beefing up your pre-existing stats, but more about giving you a situational bonus.

Plan carefully, because you are only given a single Specialty Point when you begin your career. You have four potential Specialties to choose from, and all other Specialties take either three or five Specialty Points to unlock. If you don’t like one of the starting four, you won’t be able to unlock one worth three points until you hit 70 overall with your skater.

Now that you understand how Trait Points and Specialty Points work in Be a Pro be sure to check out our NHL 19 review to see if you agree with our assessment.

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