Where To Find Conan O'Brien In Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Death Stranding has some cameos in it, as celebs that you might recognize pop up from time to time. It shouldn't be a huge surprise, as Kojima enjoys a degree of fame outside of gaming circles, and is largely considered one of gaming's auteurs. Conan O'Brien has a cameo appearance in the game and can be found sporting a rather nice hat. If you are wondering about the connection, Conan has had a series called the Clueless Gamer, that used to feature on his show. Even though Conan has claimed to very much dislike games, he has still become well known in gaming circles for the Clueless Gamer series. 

Where To Find Conan O'Brien In Death Stranding

Conan plays an NPC called the Wandering MC. He can be found after you reach Chapter 3 and are on the Central Region map. He can be found at the Cosplayers Shelter, to the northwest of South Knot City. When you find him, you will notice the Otter Hat that he is wearing, and there is a way to get it from him. You will find the Cosplayers Shelter in a narrow canyon about halfway between South Knot City and the Weather Station. 

Conan's character is crazy about otters and loves to talk about them. If you indulge him by listening to him talk about otter facts for a while, he will give you his hat. It is not just a cosmetic hat either, as it will allow you to move more easily through deeper water. Not a bad thing for a post-apocalyptic delivery man.

As you do jobs for the Cosplayers Shelter, you will increase your Connection Level. If you hit a Connection Level of 4 stars with them, you will also receive a hologram of the Wandering MC. 

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