12 Minutes Groundhog achievement guide

Even the best intentions don’t always have a perfect ending.

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In 12 Minutes, you are stuck in a time loop where your wife is constantly offering you dessert before your apartment is invaded upon by a cop looking to kill both of you for an old antique watch. Whenever a time loop is introduced into any media, it quickly reminds all of us of the movie Groundhog Day. With that in mind, the developers of 12 Minutes incorporated an achievement that reads, “The perfect day.” Here is how to get the Groundhog achievement in 12 Minutes.

To get the Groundhog achievement in 12 Minutes, you need to, as the description suggests, have a perfect loop where everything goes right. Note that this can only be done after you have gotten Bumblebee’s number and convinced the cop that your wife is innocent in a previous loop.

When starting a new loop, instantly go into the closet and grab your wife’s phone out of her purse. Pull it up and call Bumblebee. At the first discussion option, choose “Tell her why her father is really doing this.”

After she says she will call her dad, walk out into the living room and your wife will kiss you and tell you about dessert. Walk over and pick up the mugs near the couch and on the counter. Fill both of them up with water at the sink, then open the fridge and grab both dessert plates.

Go to your wife and tell her it’s a good time for dessert. When she walks into the bedroom to grab the present, quickly place down both dessert plates and both mugs filled with water on the table and wait for her to return. If anything is missing or you begin eating the dessert too early, you will need to start a new loop by walking through the front door.

When she gets back to the table, she will see you placed everything and kiss you. She will then walk to turn off the lights and turn on the radio. Wait for her to come back and sit down at the table, and she will begin eating. Select your dessert plate to start eating too.

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After a little bit, your wife will give you the present with the baby clothes and tell you she is pregnant. When she asks how you are feeling, say, “It’s going to be great.” She will kiss you and ask you to dance with her. Say, “With pleasure.”

As you are dancing, you will hear the cop arrive, but before he begins beating on the door, Bumblebee will call him. She will tell him to come home, and he will not attack you two.

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Let the dance complete, and your wife will ask why you are acting differently. Select “Tell her how much you love her.” She will invite you into the bedroom. Lay down in the bed with her, and after a little bit of cuddling, you start a new loop and gain the Groundhog achievement.