How to get Bumblebee’s phone number in 12 Minutes

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have found proof that undoubtedly confirms your wife did not kill her father in 12 Minutes, you are likely to want to show your evidence to the cop who keeps bursting into your home to kill you and her. However, he is very convinced that your wife is guilty and will not listen to you. When your wife tells him you have something he needs to see, he will brush you off and say he only listens to his mother and daughter, and his mother is dead. In that case, you will need to get his daughter, Bumblebee, involved. Here is how to get her phone number.

To get the cop’s daughter’s phone number, you will need to start a new loop and knock your wife out with the sleeping pills dropped into her water. Make sure she drinks the mug at the table with you while eating the dessert, or she may pass out in the living room and mess this up. When she goes to the bedroom to lay down, walk into the closet, and close the door. After a few seconds, you will get a fast-forward sequence to when the cop arrives.

When the cop comes into your apartment, wait for him to enter the bedroom, and he will turn on the light switch and get knocked out like he does any other time you do this. As he is lying there, pickpocket all of his items and put one of the handcuffs on him, so he doesn’t get up and attack you.

Go into your inventory and click on the phone you grabbed from him. Click on the text message icon near the top, and you will see all the text messages are from his daughter that he calls Bumblebee. Click on any of the messages and then on her phone number that is highlighted in red.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Press the call icon to call her. You won’t say anything to her, but you will now remember her number for future loops. Anytime you grab your wife’s phone in the closet, there will be an option to call Bumblebee. You will need this to convince the cop to listen to you about your wife’s innocence.