5 letter words ending in IPER – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words ending with IPER to help with today’s Wordle.

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Are you struggling to make sense of today’s Wordle clues? You have been able to narrow down the word ends with “IPER”, but there don’t seem to be many words that fit that criteria. Wordle doesn’t throw words that would only come up in a competitive word game, but you can’t think of many words that fit the clues. If you had a word list with those letters in front of you, it might be easier to maintain your streak.

In the event that the word list doesn’t help you narrow down the possibilities, there are tips that give you avenues of investigation. They can help cut away words that aren’t correct while still letting you solve the puzzle for yourself.

What five letter words end with IPER?

There are five words that end with the letters “IPER”, which are:

  • Hiper
  • Piper
  • Riper
  • Viper
  • Wiper

If you just started today’s Wordle, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this list. You have six tries and five possible words, which means you will definitely the answer correct and maintain your streak. If you have less than five tries remaining, you must be more prudent with your guesses. Here’s what you can do to narrow down the list.

  • Test the first letter of each word in a different word. For example, you can take the “P” from “Piper”, the “R” from “Riper”, and the “V” from “Viper”. Testing a word like “Prove” would tell you whether “P”, “R”, or “V” is in today’s Wordle. If none of the letters show up, you can narrow down your guesses to “Hiper” and “Wiper”. If one letter does show up, that’s going to be the last letter you need.
  • You can also use words such as “Where” to test “W”, “H”, and “R”. If you are confident the word doesn’t have a “P” or a “V”, it’s a good way to narrow down the rest of the possibilities. Should a correct letter show up, you were on the right track anyway. If the clues come back negative, then you still narrow down the word to two possibilities.

It’s not too hard to solve the puzzle if you think about the possibilities properly. Eliminate words that are incorrect or find the last remaining clue you need. Then you can solve today’s Wordle and maintain your streak!