5 letter words starting with S and ending with T – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words starting with S and ending with T for today’s Wordle.

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Having trouble thinking about what today’s Wordle could be? You have found two clues; that the word begins with the letter “S” and ends with “T.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t help narrow down the list of possible words. If you had a list of words that fit the clues you have uncovered, it would be significantly easier to maintain your daily streak.

If you struggle to narrow down the list, there are tips that can help you. They can also be used in future Wordles to help in case you can’t look up advice easily.

What five letter words start with S and end with T?

There are 47 common five letter words that start with “S” and end with “T,” which are:

  • Saint
  • Sault
  • Scant
  • Scent
  • Scoot
  • Scout
  • Shaft
  • Sheet
  • Shift
  • Shirt
  • Shoot
  • Short
  • Shout
  • Shunt
  • Sight
  • Skint
  • Skirt
  • Slant
  • Sleet
  • Slept
  • Smart
  • Smelt
  • Snoot
  • Snort
  • Snout
  • Spent
  • Spilt
  • Splat
  • Split
  • Sport
  • Spout
  • Sprat
  • Spurt
  • Squat
  • Start
  • Stent
  • Stilt
  • Stint
  • Stoat
  • Stout
  • Strut
  • Stunt
  • Swart
  • Sweat
  • Sweet
  • Swept
  • Swift

It’s not easy to cut down those words, especially if you have already used some of your tries. Here are some tips to help narrow the list even further.

  • Don’t go down the list alphabetically. Just because you have a list of words doesn’t mean you have the time to go through them all. With only six tries, you must make each try count, and going down the list with no plan is a recipe for disaster. Try words such as “Skirt” or “Sweat” rather than start with “Saint” and work your way down.
  • Avoid duplicate letter words unless your hints justify testing them out. Words such as “Start” fit within the hints, but you won’t much information (you’re trying the same letter twice). Words such as “Sight” give you far more information about which letters work and which don’t.
  • Get as many hints as you can with the first four tries, leaving the last two for more informed guessing. While getting the word correct early on is great, you also waste valuable tries on clues you already know about. Get as many clues as you can, then do your guessing to maintain your streak.

As long as you have a word list and helpful tips at your side, it should not be hard to get today’s Wordle correct!