5 Letter Words starting with SAL – Wordle Game Help

Words starting with SAL to help you solve today’s Wordle.

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Is today’s Wordle stumping you because you don’t know what the clues mean? Sometimes when you get some clues, you aren’t sure what words would fit the clues provided. It’s definitely a real word, and Wordle isn’t trying to fool you, but you don’t know any words that would fit those clues. Thankfully, some words do fit the clues that you just aren’t remembering.

Wordle will never choose words that are purposely obscure, or words that you would normally pull out of a Scrabble dictionary when making a tough call. Here is a list of words that start with “SAL” to help you narrow down today’s Wordle.

What 5 letter words start with SAL?

There are only two five-letter words that start with the letter “SAL.” They are:

  • Salal
  • Salsa

Hopefully, you still have two guesses left and can put both words in to maintain your streak. If you are down to the last word, here’s what you can do:

  • What word is most likely used in everyday conversation? Both words aren’t spoken too often, but one of these words comes up in a conversation more often than not.
  • Which word would you know how to use in a sentence? Wordle isn’t here to trick you with obscure words, and one of those words is more likely than the other.
  • When was the last time you used those words? Given that both words do exist, your next best guess is to find out which word would be used more often. That’s not to say you would be using both words every day, but you likely have one word that sticks out more than the other.
  • What do you know about both words? The one you have the most knowledge about is likely the right one.
  • Is there a word that you aren’t sure about? That’s probably not today’s Wordle. Given that you have two choices, it’s almost safer to default to the word you know.
  • Have you uncovered other clues? If you are on your third or fourth try, you can always try a word with two “L”s or two “S”s and see which ones register as actual clues.

It might look like a fifty-fifty guess, but the odds are in your favor. You should be able to find today’s Wordle without much work, and hopefully, you still have enough guesses to find the correct answer!