5 letter words with IRT in the middle – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words with IRT in the middle for today’s Wordle.

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Close to solving today’s Wordle? You figured out that the letters “IRT” are in the middle but you can’t find anything else. There aren’t many words that have those letters in the middle, and you’re scratching your head trying to find the other answers. It’s nothing obscure or something you’d find in competitive word play, but you can’t remember any words. With a word list only containing words with those letters in the middle, you might jog your memory.

If the word list fails to help you come up with anything, there are tactics you can use to come up with the correct word.

What five letter words have IRT in the middle?

There are five common words that have the letters “IRT” in the middle, which are:

  • Birth
  • Dirty
  • Firth
  • Girth
  • Mirth

Should you have five tries remaining, this puzzle is as good as solved. You can simply enter the words into the puzzle and one of them is bound to be correct. If you don’t have five tries, you must be more prudent. The following strategies might help.

  • Use words made up of the first letters of each word. For example, “Embed” will test “Birth,” “Dirty,” and “Mirth” at the same time. If one of those letters comes back correct, you know which word is correct. If they all come back negative, then you are left with only two possibilities.
  • Look at previous attempts and see which letters came back negative. If they match the first letter of each word, then you can eliminate that word without testing it. This preserves your remaining tries, helpful for when you are down to two tries.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find the right answer and solve today’s Wordle. Even if you are down to only one try, that’s a 20% chance of getting the word right, which isn’t nothing.