5 pings in Apex Legends you may not have known about

Underappreciated pings appreciation post.

Ping for Help

Screenshot by Gamepur

Everyone knows ‘go here’ and ‘I need a weapon,’ but with the extensive ping system in Apex Legends, there are quite a few underused or just straight-up overlooked pings. We looked through all of the possible pings in the game and handpicked out five that we thought deserved a little bit more time in the spotlight.

1. Ping your own deathbox

When you are respawned, you can ping the location of your deathbox. This prompt will come up on the screen once you are spawned in. That said, if you are no where near it, it may not be worth going back for.

2. Ping for better items

One of the newest pings added to the game was asking for gear, weapon attachments, etc., when you already have lower-level ones. If you are looking for a Level 2 or 3 backpack but already have a Level 1, you can still request on that slot to ask for a backpack. There is, however, no updated voice lines.

3. Ping for help when downed

If you open your ping wheel when you’re downed, one of the options is asking for help. This will let your teammates know you are looking for assistance. It is a good way to alert your team that either enemy just hurt you or that you may have may it to a safe location for a revive.

4. Ping how much ammo you have

When you ping that you need ammo, you may not realize that your current ammo count, not including what is in your weapon, is displayed among the quick feed. This means your teammates will know if you are pinging, you need ammo with zero or 200. Don’t be selfish.

5. Like another player’s Holo-Spray

While not technically a ping, it felt like it belonged on this list. If you see a Holo-Spray on the ground that isn’t yours, you can ‘like’ it. Players who then come in contact with the spray will know you have seen it. This is great for taunts.