Seven tips to help you win more Resident Evil Re:Verse matches

Control the chaos.

Resident Evil ReVerse

Image via Capcom

After some network hiccups, the Resident Evil Re:Verse beta is currently live on Steam, and it’s surprisingly fun for a mode that seemed like an afterthought when it was first announced. Six players face off in an old-school deathmatch score fight, fighting around familiar locations from the Resident Evil franchise’s past, and embodying iconic characters like Ada Wong and the Nemesis bioweapon. While the mode is pure nonsensical fun with little thinking involved, there are a number of simple things you can do to improve your odds and get that win.


This essentially covers the full strategic depth of Resident Evil Re:Verse — instead of running and gunning, lurk around looking for other players who are already fighting each other. The fastest way to score points is to third-party other players while they are busy and already hurt, and quickly finish them off. And don’t stick around after you get your kills either. Run away to another hiding spot immediately, because the sound of fighting always draws other players to the scene, and there will be newborn bioweapons to deal with there, too.

None of this applies for bioweapons, of course, who are on a timer and must do damage quickly. When playing as a bioweapon, simply run in the direction of human players and make sure to go out with a bang.

Control the items

Items spawn all over the map, and they have a huge impact on gameplay. Whenever you aren’t occupied stalking other players, you should make sure you pick up everything you can see. Keep fully stocked up on ammo for your primary (it runs dry fast), take special weapons to deny them to other players, and most importantly, always take virus capsules. The difference between a 0-capsule bioweapon and a 2-capsule one is huge. If already have two capsules and can’t take anymore, camp them — they are marked through walls, meaning another player is sure to come around and get ambushed by you.

Use your abilities constantly

Resident Evil Re:Verse is not about dropshots and quickscopes. The guns in the game do little damage and run out of ammo fast. In contrast, abilities hit hard, and using them as often as you can is key to winning.

Before your first match, take a moment to review all character and bioweapon abilities in the menu. There are a lot of details there which are not immediately noticeable when using abilities in game, like the combo effects of Hunk’s Assassinate and Active Cloak, or which abilities can knock players down.

Use cover against human players

The third person perspective makes corner-camping in Resident Evil Re:Verse viable. Hiding behind corners can help you ambush human players, as most of them rely on firearms and close range abilities that don’t work well if you see them coming. Incidentally, corner-camping is also the best way to set up an attack with such abilities.

Note that because of the camera placement, you can see more of the area to the right of your character. To peak around corners to the left, aim down sights and press your shoulder switch key or button.

Don’t use cover against bioweapons

If you hear the sounds of bioweapons approaching, run — they can see you through the walls, so hiding behind a corner is not helpful. Worse yet, most bioweapons excel at fighting in close range; Nemesis and Tyrant even have abilities they can use to damage you from around the corner.

Kill weaker bioweapons from afar with ranged attacks, and ignore the strong ones. Instead of fighting them, let them run into other players, making your life easier.

Don’t underestimate the Fat Molded

While this awkwardly named creature is the weakest member of the roster, its ability to explode for heavy area-of-effect damage makes it almost as dangerous as any other bioweapon. When playing as Molded, try to find and detonate on groups of human players. It pays off to play as if you were still human, and try to ambush players, since running in full view of them will get you killed before you reach them.

When it doubt, dodge

Unlike dodging in many other games, dodging in Resident Evil Re:Verse doesn’t have invincibility frames; instead, you take reduced damage during the animation. Even so, it is your best defensive option when you are going to get hit. Human characters have very little health, and a number of abilities can one-shot you when playing in human form, unless you dodge. Getting that split second of respite could be all you need to finish off your opponent and run off to heal.