A Festive First Adventure – Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Tale

Screenshot via MiYoHo YouTube

Lantern Rite Tales allow you to increase the Festive Fever of the Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact, earning better rewards from the event. A Festive First Adventure involves helping Tiantian test some lantern courses that she has set up for people to have fun with.

It’s actually a pretty simple thing to do. First, go and speak with Tiantian in Liyue Harbor and she will tell you about what she is trying to do, and ask for your help. Agree to help her, then open your map and teleport to the waypoint just beside Mr. Tianheng.

The first course is very easy, consisting of just three lanterns you need to pick up. There are some rings to fly through that will speed you up, so you may need to slow the pace a little bit to grab the lanterns, as you have plenty of time. The final lantern is right above the ground, so don’t worry about touching down afterward.

For the next course, teleport to the closest area to the waypoint and then speak with Tiantian again. This course is just a little bit longer, and one of the lanterns will once again be close to the ground, but try not to touch down this time.

When you have completed the course, you can speak with Tiantian to finish up the A Festive First Adventure Lantern Rite Tale. If you have any trouble with the courses, the above video will help you out.