The best places to farm Electro Crystal in Genshin Impact

They’re shockingly useful.

Genshin Impact

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The lands all over Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat are littered with all sorts of objects and natural growths that players can interact with. Some are resources to be collected, others represent traps and hazards, and some can actually be both. Such is the case with Electro Crystals, which players will undoubtedly come across all over the world. With Electro Crystals scattered in every region, this guide will provide you with the best farming locations, as well as what you can use Electro Crystals for in Genshin Impact.

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How to farm Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact

Electro Crystals are usually located near cliffs and rock outcrops all over Teyvat, appearing as large purple crystalline growths. If you come too close to them, they will zap you with AoE Electro DMG every half a second. With that said, it is possible to harvest them by using Pyro attacks to cause the Overloaded elemental reaction, which makes them shatter into shards that you can pick up.

Farming Electro Crystals in Mondstadt

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can come across Electro Crystals all over Mondstadt, but they’re usually not consistently found together to form a real farming route. There are a few good spots though, most notably all around the Stormterror’s Lair, as well as in Dadaupa Gorge and Cape Oath.

Farming Electro Crystals in Liyue

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Liyue is not the best region for finding large concentrations of Electro Crystals, but there are a few spots that you can add to your farming route. For example, there are several along the eastern cliff of Wuwang Hill, and a decent concentration of them are around the Luhua Pool.

Farming Electro Crystals in Inazuma

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Unsurprisingly, Inazuma is a great region to farm Electro Crystals due to its connection to the element. You will be able to find them on every island and even in Enkanomiya. A few great farming spots include Byakko Plain and Violet Court’s isle on Narukami Island. There are also several good concentrations of them on Kannazuka and Yashiori Island.

Farming Electro Crystals in Sumeru

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Sumeru is another great destination to farm Electro Crystals, with many good groupings in both the jungle and desert parts of the region. For instance, a great farming route can be found along the northeastern slopes of the mountain near Pardis Dhyai. In the northern deserts, there are two subterranean locations teeming with crystals, one under The Sands of al-Azif and the other under The Sands of Three Canals.

What are Electro Crystals used for in Genshin Impact?

Though they are not used for ascension purposes, Electro Crystals still have their uses, found mainly in crafting. There are three recipes that require the use of Electro Crystals:

  • Insulation Potion: Increases party’s Electro RES.
    Recipe: 1 Butterfly Wings + 1 Electro Crystal + 100 Mora
  • Shocking Essential Oil: Increases party’s Electro DMG.
    Recipe: 1 Frog + 1 Electro Crystal + 100 Mora
  • NRE (Menu 30): Reusable gadget that allows you to equip healing and revival food.
    Recipe: 20 Lizard Tail + 20 Chaos Circuit + 50 Electro Crystal

Besides that, you can buy the Electro Crystal card back for the Genius Invokation TCG from Prince’s card shop for a fee of whopping 100 Electro Crystals.