Another Day, Another Drachma | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 Another Day, Another Drachma | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey begins with a short intro a fight between Spartan’s and Persians. In the beginning, you will play as King Leonidas and fight with Persian soldiers. You will switch to Layla Hassan who will play the role of Kassandra. You will get access to pick the game difficulty level from Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare. Further, you can choose one from Gameplay Mode. The two choices are Guided Mode and Exploration Mode. In Guide Mode, you will get quest markers and you will get the quest objectives automatically, while in Exploration Mode you will have to uncover targets and current objectives. So if you don’t want to spend much time then pick Guide Mode. Next, you can pick one character between Alexios and Kassandra.

Another Day, Another Drachma Walkthrough

Another Day, Another Drachma Walkthrough

This chapter is more like a prologue where you will learn the core components of the game.

Fight The Persian Soldiers

After the cutscene you will play as King Leonidas for a short while fighting the invasion. This more like a prologue mission where you can test out the combat moves. The objective is to take down Level 40 enemies. You will get four abilities to use that will help you to cause high damage. After killing the walk towards the marker where you will face a stronger enemy.

Defeat Kurush:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

This enemy is holding a shield and a huge axe, it is also a Level 40 enemy but bit stronger compared to other ones. It has a pretty long range of attack so you have to dodge a lot here. Lock into the enemy and dodge his first attack. He can block your spear attacks, you have to Break Guard in-order to hit him. Once he turns red, try to go a far away he can bash into you and throw you away. Whenever you see Kurush glowing red try only to play defensive. There is no use of attacking, he can dodge all your attacks and eat a big chunk of your health with each attack.

There will be a few cutscene after this which will trigger the initial beginning of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You can pick the difficulty level and gameplay mode. You will now play as Kassandra or Alexios whichever character you pick up. You cannot change this character in between the game. In our case, we continued with Kassandra. You will find her humming on the top of the house on a valley. Here you will fight with two thugs, this will be a very easy fight as the thugs are Level 1 army.

So It Begins:

Collect Your Gear

After defeating the thugs in a cutscene you can talk to a girl and get info your next objective – to meet Markos. After talking to the girl, you will also get choices to deal with the thugs, there are 4 types of choices. What you pick will impact the game story. Like in this case if you pick the sword icon then Kassandra will kill the thugs. Go on the top of the house, the same place where you were sitting before and loot the wooden crate. You can now access the Inventory where you can check all the gears. You can also access the Skills section of the game that is divided into three categories Hunter, Warrior and Assassin.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

Follow the maker to locate Markos, there will be multiple options to continue the conversation. There are three horses in the shed, you can pick one by using the multiple choices. Before picking the first option I’m ready to choose you can find out a back-story of all the three horses by picking one by one the next three options. After taking the horse you will learn Phoibe’s kidnapping by the thugs. This completes the main objective So It Begins and you will earn some XP’s.

Debt Collector:

Reach The Bandit Camp To Rescue Phoibe

You will be playing in stealth in this part. There is a detection bar on the head of the enemy, they will investigate if you are seen. You will have to use the vegetation around to hide. Stay hidden in the grass and Assassinate unsuspecting enemies. Take out other thugs and free Phoibe. Inside the hut where the girl is tied, there is a loot box on the left that will give you a battle sword.

After the cuscene, where Kassandra goes in flashback, you will continue with the objective of meeting a merchant. You will see your hunt meter on top right corner, that means there are people who will hunt you for a bounty. You can check this in the Mercenaries menu. In the menu, you can find vital info on the mercenaries, the killer who are trying to hunt you down. You can find their weaknesses and strengths. You can also find the level of your current enemy so you have to level up fast before you plan to meet him face to face.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

The first one is Talos the Stone Fist. A Level 5 enemy, you can find info like what loot he will drop if you kill him first. You will earn Ability Points by playing various objectives in the game, this will help you to unlock various abilities that will help you dealing with stronger enemies. Focus more on combat abilities.

Collect the money from merchant in Sami

You can see your current quest on the left top of the screen you can track the quest to get the marker. Now you have two choices to get your money, first is breaking his wares will force him to pay the debt or you can go with the second one Killing Duris is always an option. If you break his pots around the shop he will pay you the money.

Return To Markos

Once you find Markos and there will be three choices on the topic of retrieving the money. They are It’s Impossible, We Can Try and We’ll get the drachmae. So pick any one to move forward in the story. In the cutscene you will see a new character Drucilla who will fix Kassandra’s bow in return of a favor. Just follow her towards her workshop. After getting the bow repaired you will do some target practice. This will complete the quest.

The first chapter is over, you can read or walkthrough on the next chapter A Debt To Pay. You can also check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wiki guide for more updates on the game.