Of Visions and Visionaries | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 Of Visions and Visionaries | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

After dealing with Nikoloas in the previous chapter – The Wolf Hunt, in this Of Visions and Visionaries Walkthrough, you will have a simple objective of locating an Oracle and investigating a secret group of people. You will unlock two main quests Of Visions and Visionaries and The Wolf and the Snake. In this part, you just have to find the oracle and interrogate about the cult details.

Of Visions and Visionaries Walkthrough

Of Visions and Visionaries Walkthrough

This one is a short mission where you have to find an Oracle and interrogate him about the identity of your next target.

Consulting A Ghost

Speak with the Oracle of Delphi

Follow the marker to locate the Oracle of Delphi. It will take you to a temple and once you enter there will be a cutscene where you will see Barnabas. In the cutscene you will meet another character Herodots, if you talk to him properly he will tell you the reason why he is visiting the Oracle. Go inside the temple and talk to the priest on the left. You can ask only one question from Oracle, it can be about your father or mother. Outside you will talk to Herodotos, tell him about the Cult Of Kosmos. The conversation continues and he will tell you more about Pythia’s location when she is not guarded.

The Truth Will out

Find and Interrogate the Oracle

Head to the next marker and scan through Eagle vision to get the location of your target. Scan for all guards around the house so that you can quietly sneak into the building. Climb on the roof and jump in the center, there is only one guard. You can take him from the top, but avoid the one who is outside. These are all Level 10 enemies. It is not required to kill other guards. In the cutscene, you can go the nice way and interrogate the oracle.

After she agrees you will see the list of questions ask all one by one. The Oracle will tell you that you will need a cloak and a mask to enter the ancient chamber where you can find the cult. To get the required accessory you have to find Elpenor. Talk to Herodotos to complete the quest.

After talking to Herodotos you will require to gather the cloak and mask which you will continue finding in the next main quest The Wolf And The Snake.

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