Paint In Red | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, Home Is Where My Mother Is, the Spartan King’s will give you multiple quests, you will have to complete each of them one by one. In this part, you will read on Paint In Red main quest. You will be meeting Stentor in this quest who will tell you to kill four Boeotian Champions to strengthen Spartan against Athenians. You will have to track them down one by one and kill them and then, in the end, help Stentor to fight a Conquest battle where you will face two Mercenaries.

Paint In Red Walkthrough

Paint In Red Walkthrough

The quest begins after you meet Stentor, among the four champions Drakon is the toughest one.

The Conqueror

In this quest you will meet Stentor, after the cutscene, he will tell you to take down four Boeotian champions who are fighting for Athens. You will have to one by one find and assassinate them. In the end, there will be two choices:

  • I’ll kill the champions for Sparta: He will be happy that you follow the orders.
  • Killing the champions won’t help: In this choice your suggestions won’t help, he will tell you to complete the mission or die.

You need to be somewhere above Level 40, around Level 44 is pretty awesome if you choose to pick this quest to take down all four Boeotian Champions.

The End of Drakon –

Go to the gymnasium of Thebes in Boeotia there you will find the champion. You will spot him on edge of a mountain. The enemy is a champion and he is pretty strong. If you plan to use a regular arrow then it won’t help much. You will need to use the special ones, like the fire arrows that can cause a good amount of damage. You can use all the special arrows you have in your quiver and wait for them to refill. Next, you can use a sword here to attack, but you will have to go near to attack. Escape when turns red he can unleash a strong attack that can throw you out of the ground. The champion uses an axe and a shield. One of the most lethal attacks is when he jumps and attack with the axe with full power. That is the time you have to save yourself. Killing the champion will reward you around 35000XP.

The Last Fight of Aristaios –

For this champion, you will have to head to a small island, if you had spared Nikolaos in the main quest The Wolf Hunt. He will do the job and there will be a small discussion a kind of bonding between you and pater. You will earn around 29000XP for this quest.

The Fall of Deianeira –

Go to the City of Orchomenos where you will find this champion. You will find him riding a horse. The champion is weak in terms of health if you use power arrows like a fire arrow. You can beat the champion really fast. You will earn around 37000XP for the kill.

The Last Hunt of Nesaia –

You will find this one in the forest. This champion is sing Bow and Arrows. She will use venom and shoot poison arrows on you. But the health bar will fall fast once you start attacking. You can also use bow and arrows here. Once she stops using the arrows she will use a spear to attack. This one is not tough to beat if you can avoid the poison arrows. You will earn around 28000XP for completing this quest.


After killing all the champions return to Stentor and there will be a cutscene. Pick the choice Let’s go to war in the end to trigger the conquest battle. Kill the captains to win this battle. Once you kill a few captains you will need to fight with Mercenary – Shoeless Ogarneos. He will be surrounded by high-level captains and he himself will be on Level 45. So here maintaining a distance will be good. The mercenary health bar will go down slow, use special arrows on him. Ignore the captains just dodge their attacks and focus more on the mercenary. Kill the captains last. You will have to keep on fighting and locate more captains in the battle. All will be around Level 45. There will be a second mercenary you have to kill to win the battle. Use explosive arrows here.

In the cutscene, you can either give the credit to Stentor by picking “Thanks to you” or you can take the win on your shoulder by picking “You’re lucky I was here”.

The quest is over, you can read our walkthrough on next two main quests The Cult And The Archon & The Olympian. For more updates on the game, you can also check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wiki guide.