Across the Obelisk The Colored Runes guide

Don’t press at random.

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Across the Obelisk is a deck-building card game in the spirit of Slay the Spire in which every playthrough can feel different. While battling through encounters with enemies, you can come across different events in the game. These narrative choices will often offer you a few branching options with different outcomes. One such event that you can come across involves a magic circle with colored runes, called The Colored Runes. In this guide, we will explain each of the choices for The Colored Runes and what you can get from them in Across the Obelisk.

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The Colored Runes event guide in Across the Obelisk

The Colored Runes can be found in the Magic Circle location, which is usually found on the second floor of Act 4. It shows up at the bottom part of the map, marked as a Common Event. When you select it, you will be given a brief plot text of what you have come across, but more importantly, you will be presented with four choices. 

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Each choice gives you a different outcome and you can’t go back to re-pick after you have made your choice. Here are all of the options and their effects:

  • [Leave] You prefer not to tempt fate and leave: This option simply allows you to back out from the event with no consequences or rewards.
  • [Use] You try pressing orange, blue, and green: This option is the “good” option that only gives you 12 XP points.
  • [Use] You try pressing pink, red, and orange: This option is the “bad” option that initiates a fight against an Automaton patrol (including combat rewards if you win), and then gives you 12 XP points.
  • [Use] As the demon summoning guide says, you press black, orange, and red: If you have picked up the Ruined Book in Senenthia and done the next steps, this option will be available to select and claim the Asmody pet card.