Advanced tips for ranking up in Rocket League

Become a Supersonic Legend.

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At times, Rocket League can be incredibly frustrating for players of all skill levels. However, contrary to popular belief, blaming your teammates is not the best way to improve. Experienced Rocket League players will often stagnate in a rank and not know how else to improve from the fundamentals. These players play dozens of matches a day, thinking that’s the best way to increase their rank. But, mindlessly playing match after match isn’t the best way to improve. This guide will highlight some advanced tips for ranking up in Rocket League.

Study the pros

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One of the best ways to improve your positioning, momentum, and defense is by watching professional Rocket League matches. With Rocket League being the popular esport it is, there are plenty of options to choose from. Watching professional games will give you a better sense of where to position yourself during a match. You can then implement what you learned from the pros into your own gameplay. If you want to up your game further, you can watch your own replays and look for mistakes. You can use this to get some better insight into your positioning and see where you have gaps in your offense and defense.

Focus on just one mechanic

Players will play as many games as possible and go into autopilot mode, just hitting the ball back and forth. Although playing a lot will make you a better player, it isn’t the fastest way to improve. The best way to make the most out of your time is to start a session by telling yourself you will be working on just one mechanic. For example, if you want to improve your power-sliding, power-slide as much as you can in every game you play that day. This might mean you’ll miss goals here and there, but your power sliding will improve faster than someone that just power slides a few times a game.

Play 1v1s

Learning proper positioning is important in Rocket League. However, you will also need to possess exceptional mechanics if you want to climb into the higher ranks. One of the best ways to fine-tune your mechanics is to play 1v1s. 1v1s are all about ball control and force you to possess near-perfect mechanics to climb MMR.

Use Custom maps

Custom maps are a great way to practice specific skills that are often too situational to be used in every game. For example, you won’t be dribbling in every game of Rocket League, so it will take you a while to master the skill. But, you can practice as long as you want if you boot up a custom map. Custom maps make practicing fun by having you complete maps and challenges while also forcing you to hone your skills.