Adventurers in Windblume – Genshin Impact – how to take the photographs

Say cheese.

Image via miHoYo

Adventurers in Windblume is a Festive Anecdote quest during the Windlbume Festival in Genshin Impact. You get access to it as part of Act III of the event. The first step of the quest is to go and speak with Iris at the camp near the foot of Dragonspine.

When you get there, she will ask you to take some photographs of Dragonspine for her. The first is of the Frostbearing Tree, so fast travel to the teleport point nearby and then head for the waypoint.

You will need to open the screenshot section of the menu, you cannot use the Kamera shortcut as the game will not recognize it. This is a repeated issue in Genshin Impact, so may not surprise some players. Stand directly on the waypoint and open the camera through the menus and it will auto adjust to the correct angle, and you can snap the picture.

When that is done, fast travel to the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven and repeat the process, standing directly on the waypoint while facing the statue and then taking a picture.

Head back to Irish and speak with her, then fast travel to Mondstadt and speak with Cyrus outside the Knights of Favonius building. Go to the Cathedral Plaza and speak with both marked NPCs, then go back to Cyrus again. Finally, fast travel back to the camp and speak with Iris one more time to finish up the quest.