All Stone Tablet Locations in Dragonspine – Genshin Impact

For stone headaches.

Genshin Impact

Like Genshin Impacts other regions, Dragonspine is filled with secrets. One of them is a rune locked door, and you will need to track down eight different stone tablets to get it open.

Some of these are easy to find and can be discovered in the open world. Others need to be found during difficult or complex quest portions. We have marked all eight locations on the map below, and will give detailed descriptions and relevant links below to help you find them.

  • 1 – The first one is very easy. Just head to the west of the Snow Covered Path and you will find it on a mound of earth.
  • 2 – The second one is also quite simple, as it can be found on the side of a footpath, protected by a large enemy.
  • 3 – The third one is awkward, and will need to be discovered while you are working to thaw the shards. It can be found underground after you break through a sheet of ice.
  • 4 – The fourth tablet is quite easy to find, just head to the point marked on the map to find it. You will need to get the Warming Seelies to their pedestals, which will melt the ice. Then you can grasp a red crystal buff to smash the ice to the left of the ramp the leads down into where the ice was and get the tablet.
  • 5 – Five is not hidden, but can be difficult to get to. Spawn at the Starglow Cavern teleporter then make your way across the mountain to get to it.
  • 6 – To get to number six, spawn at the statue of the seven, then head around the mountain. You will need to make an awkward jump or two but that’s it. This will bring you to a locked door that can only be opened with three gold boxes. You can find all the golden box locations here.
  • 7 – Number seven is probably the first one you will find. This is located directly outside the locked door you need to find all the ruins to open.
  • 8 – Number 8 is the most awkward, and you will not be able to get it until you can access the Domain. It is located directly outside the Domain door.