All Secret Room Golden Box Locations in Genshin Impact – Priest, Princess, Scribe

Priest, Princess, and Scribe.

Genshin Impact

To open the secret door in Dragonspine, and get the final Stone Tablet that you might need, you will need to track down three Golden Boxes. The Priest, Princess, and Scribe box are hidden somewhere in Dragonspine.

In this guide, we will show you where they are, and how to get them. Some of them are very simple, but one involves a fight that you might need to level up a litle bit for.

All Box Locations

On the map below, you can find all three golden box locations, marked 1 through 3. The number 4 indicates the location of the secret door, and you can reach it by heading south from the Statue of the Seven and just keeping the mountain on your right.

#1 – Princess

This is effectively the most difficult, as it involves a fight. Head to the small island marked on the map, where you will find a sword stuck in the ground. Touch it, and you will have 60 seconds to take out two Cryo Mages and a Hydro Mage. You will also need to contend with Sheer Cold, so bring your Warming Bottle or some Ghoulash to help with that. When the fight is over, a chest will spawn that contains the Priest box.

#2 – Priest

The Priest box is located at the top of a tall tower at the number 2. There are some anemo wisps nearby that you can use to cause a windcurrent to get to the top. There, you will find a chest you can open to get the Priest box.

#3 – Scribe

Travel to the teleporter at Starglow cavern, the head to the west. Just below it you will find a gravestone. Place three Cecilia flowers here to get the Scribe box.

When you have all three, return to the door marked at number four and you will be able to open it.