All Mondstadt Geography Archive Viewpoint locations in Genshin Impact

The beautiful sights.

Genshim Impact

Image via miHoYo

One of the easiest ways to build up City Reputation in Mondstadt is to track down all the geography archive viewpoints in the area. There are no clues in the game for where these might be, you will just need to get lucky on your explorations.

Because we know that people like to wrap these things up as quickly as they can, you can find all the different viewpoint locations for Mondstadt below. All you need to do is spawn at the nearest teleport point, head to the area indicated on the map, and interact with the purple sigil that you will find floating there.

#1 – Whispering Woods

#2 – Starfell Lake

#3 – Windrise

#4 – Springvale

#5 – Dawn Winery

#6 – Mondstadt Cathedral

You will need to head inside the Catherdral, and the viewpoint will be just on the left of the entrance.

#7 – Favonius Library

Once again, venture inside the building that is home to the Order of Knights, go into the library where you meet Lisa, and you will find the viewpoint.

#8 – Thousand Winds Temple

#9 – Dadaupa Gorge

#10 – Stormterror’s Lair

Any time you want to check your City Reputation in Mondstadt ,make sure to vist Hertha who can be found near the city walls at the opening to the small dock. You can also complete bounties and requests for her to grow your Reputation and earn rewards.