All secret and hidden Vendors in Genshin Impact

You may not even realize they are there.

Image via Gamepur

Genshin Impact is filled with NPCs and Vendors who are willing to sell you all manner of goods, but it also has some extremely useful secret Vendors hidden around the map.

You can buy all manner of plants, ores, weapons, and artifacts from these vendors, and some will even have recipes and unusual items that you may need to finish quests.

Genshin Impact Secret Vendors

Mondstadt Artifact Vendor

The Mondstadt Artifact Vendor will sell a full green artifact set once per week, giving you valuable upgrade materials for your preferred sets.

Liyue Artifact Vendor

Just like the Mondstadt Artifact Vendor, another one in Liyue will sell a full green artifact set once per week.

Liyue Ore Vendor

You can purchase some types of Ore from a Vendor near the Alchemy Table in Liyue.

The Blacksmith in Mondstadt

The Blacksmith in Mondstadt acts as a double vendor. You can buy green weapons every day from the main Blacksmith, and you can buy grey weapons every day from his apprentice. This is potentially a lot of upgrade materials for your weapons.

Flower vendor in Mondstadt

Flora in Mondstadt will sell you Windwheel Aster, Calla Lily, Small Lamp Grass, Cecilia, and Sweet Flower.

Flower vendor in Windrise

Chloris in Windrise will sell you Snapdragon, Mint, Wolfhook, Valberry, and Philanemo Mushroom.

Ms. Bai – flower and food vendor

Ms. Bai in Qingce Village will sell assorted recipes, Tofu, Almond, Silk Flower, and Glaze Lily.

Pop’s in Stone Gate

Over in Stone Gate, Pop’s will sell tea. This will heal characters for 14% of their Max HP, and 350 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds after that.