All 2020 Moments of Triumph for the MMXX Seal in Destiny 2

It’s your time to shine.

As is befitting for Bungie Day, the 2020 Moments of Triumph in Destiny 2 started on July 7, giving you a chance to earn some pretty nice loot, and the MMXX Seal, before the Season of Arrivals comes to a close.

You will need to get all 25 Triumphs complete before the end of the season. If you are gunning for that Raid Ring or any physical rewards, be sure to read Bungie’s website

Once we get to grips with everything on the below list, we will make sure we link through any appropriate guides to help you get all the Triumphs wrapped up as quickly as possible.

Attain a “High” Triumph Score
Attain a “Moderate” Triumph Score
Attain Rank 100 in Season of Arrivals
Bank motes and defeat enemies in Gambit with precision final blows
Claim all 3 new exotic weapons from Season of Arrivals.
Complete 10 Weekly Challenges
Complete 15 Bounties
Complete 20 Strikes
Complete Ordeal Strikes. Challenging strikes grant the most efficient progress.
Complete the Crown of Sorrows Raid
Complete the Eater of Worlds Raid
Complete the Garden of Salvation Raid
Complete the Leviathan Raid
Complete the Pit of Heresy Dungeon
Complete the Prophecy Dungeon
Complete the Scourge of the Past Raid
Complete the Spire of Stars Raid
Defeat a Tier V Nightmare boss in the Altars of Sorrow public event
Find and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes
Loot all of the Moon’s Lost Sectors
Reset Valor once during Season of Arrivals
Secret Triumph
Secret Triumph
Secret Triumph
Win 7 Matches in Trials of Osiris


Moments of Triumph
  • Triumph Shirt – Complete 15 Triumphs
  • Ghost – Complete 10 Triumphs
  • Sparrow – Complete 5 Triumphs
  • Emblem – Complete 1 Triumphs
  • Raid Ring – Complete all five Raids during the Season of Arrivals