All 6 mini-events in Borderlands 3 Anniversary celebration

Celebrate Borderlands 3’s first year.

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

Developer Gearbox has announced it will celebrate the release of Borderlands 3 with an anniversary event with six unique mini-events. Each mini-event will last for a week, giving players six full weeks to enjoy improved loot drops, more legendary weapons, and additional challenges in the Borderlands 3 world. The first event kicks off on July 30, and the anniversary celebration ends on Sept. 10.

6 mini-events

Image via Gearbox

These are the six mini-events happening during the celebrations, what bonuses players will receive, and their timeslots.

  • ECHOcast Overload (9 am PT July 30 to 8:59 am PT Aug. 6) – Better chance of scoring loot during Rare Chest Events in the ECHOcast Twitch extension
  • Bonus Boss Loot (9 am PT Aug. 6 to 8:59 am PT Aug. 13) – Most bosses have an increased chance to drop Legendary loot
  • Loot Monster Mayhem (9 am PT August 13 to 8:59 am PT August 20) – Increased spawn rates for Loot variant enemies
  • Show Me The Eridium (9 am PT Aug. 20 to 8:59 am PT Aug. 27) – Increased Eridium drops and Eridium item discounts
  • Mayhem Made Mild (9 am PT Aug. 27 to 8:59 am PT Sept. 3) – All Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode
  • Making It Rain (9 am PT September 3 to 8:59 am PT September 10) – Enemies drop more in-game cash

You do not need to have purchased any of the DLC for Borderlands 3 or the season pass to participate in these events. These events drop every Thursday of the week alongside the weekly hotfix for the game. While the event celebrates the game’s first year, you can expect Gearbox to release additional loot-based events for players to have the chance to earn a variety of powerful legendaries to take on the toughest challenges.