Borderlands 3 Redux Mod hotfix 1.2.8 adds over 30 buffs, 3 new items, and tightens Legacy Hunts

Guardian Takedown challenges have changed with community feedback.

Image via Gearbox.

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Hotfix 1.2.8 for the Borderlands 3 Redux Mod has been released today. The hotfix brings many changes to the mod, including new items, buffs, better Legacy Hunts, vaulted items, and quality of life changes that make it feel better to play.

This hotfix adds three new items for players to hunt down and introduces a loot spawn pattern to the Mainframe boss fight. In addition, many weapons have had their damage buffed so that players feel ready to take on the Legacy Hunts once more. You can find the complete list in the official hotfix patch notes

Linoge, Two Time, and Amazing Grace have been vaulted, likely because they were broken or underused. A few fixes have also been made for items such as the LongSchlongDickDestroyer5000’s weapon damage, the Tattler being deleted upon reloading, and the Red Suit’s special effect not working as intended.

It was announced yesterday that the last version of the mod was downloaded more than 3,000 individual times last month. Anyone that wants to download the latest version and start playing it can do so through the Nexus Mods page or via a direct download from the lead coordinator on the project. 

Borderlands 3 Redux Mod and the Borderlands 3 Unofficial Community Mod are keeping the game alive for fans in the lead up to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These mods have brought back many aspects of older Borderlands titles that were removed during development and improved upon it in ways that meet and exceed fans’ needs.