All 9 golden region chest locations on Europa in Destiny 2 – Region Chests Triumph

New region, new chests.

Destiny 2

There are nine golden chests you can find on Europa, and if you find them all in Destiny 2, you can receive the Region Chests triumph. It’s another triumph added to your collection bringing you one step closer to completing the entire moon. You’ll be able to do a few more by steadily working through the content, and doing plenty of exploring. Here are all nine locations split up by region.

Cadmus Ridge golden region chest locations

These are all of the locations of the Cadmus Ridge golden region chests.

The first one is one he left side when you first enter the area. It’s on the high cliff, so you’ll need to climb the ice walls, and manuever yourself to the top. When you reach it, look at the tucked in corners for the chest.

The second chest is nearby the first one. Turn around from the top of the cliff, and jump across the ravine. You should be able to see a small ice cave on the other side, protected by Vex outside. There are also Vex inside that spawn, but only when you enter. You can choose to fight them or grab the chest and run.

The third one is right at the entrance of the Bray Exoscience building. You’ve likely been through here a few times. But, instead of going inside, look to the left. There’s a destroyed platform that you can jump onto, and the chest should be right there for you to grab.

Eventide Ruins golden region chest locations

The next series of chests are in the Eventide Ruins region.

The first chest is inside a large building that looks like what was being used as a storage unit. Head inside, and on the right side of the building will be several crates, and a small opening. Go inside the open container to find the chest.

The second chest, on the right side of it, takes you through a small opening before you arrive to a cliff. At the cliff, there’s nothing there. But there are some shatter platforms you can use to jump on, hop up, and reach the second level to grab the next chest.

The final chest in Eventide Ruins, and it’s on a familiar path. It takes you up to the location you’ve likely gone through for most of the Beyond Light story. However, instead of taking the elevator up, go to the left, and look for the path of broken stairs. Follow it, and the chest will be at the end.

Asterion Abyss region golden chest locations

These are all of the Asterion Abyss region golden chest locations.

If you’re coming from the Eventide Ruins region, the first chest will be in in the middle of a bunch of ice. You can find it by going north, and look for the large, icey area where there’s a lot of holes all over. You want to find a particular hole that has the entrance to a small cave.

The next chest is all the way over to the east. You want to go to the region where there’s a vast layer of thick, level ice, and a cliff you can potentially fall into. Fall the side, and look over the ridge. The golden chest should be on a small platform you can reach.

The final chest is at the top of the large, block structure. You need to approach the pillar it’s resting on, and find the correct footholds to precisely make it up to the top. It will right at the top, waiting for you to unlock it.