All Aguas Lindas Anti-Aircraft Site locations in Far Cry 6

Gather some uranium and destroy some anti-aircraft guns for clear skies around Aguas Lindas.


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Early on in Far Cry 6, you learn about Depleted Uranium and how it is used to purchase items from Juan Cortez’s shop. The only method of obtaining this rare material is to take out Anti-Aircraft Sites across Yara. Each site contains 50 Depleted Uranium in a box with a radioactive symbol on it.

The other benefit to destroying the Anti-Aircraft guns is the freedom of being able to use a helicopter without getting blown out of the sky. There are only two Anti-Aircraft Sites in Aguas Lindas (the northern section of Yara). Taking out both areas will net you 100 Depleted Uranium and clear skies.

Anti-Aircraft Site Phi

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Site Phi is located around the center of Aguas Lindas in an area known as Ida’s Refuge. It is north of the Ida’s Refuge Checkpoint as well. Travel there if you are able to. This will make the trek less tiresome. The guards in this area are pretty spread out so they shouldn’t be much of a bother. There are about five or six guards that protect the anti-aircraft gun.

Be careful not to alert all of the guards to your location with high-powered weapons. There are multiple tanks that can appear. This will make things difficult unless you are well equipped to take them out. Before leaving the area, make sure to grab the Uranium from the container next to the anti-aircraft gun.

Anti-Aircraft Site Tau

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Site Tau is to the right of Site Phi in an area known as Oasis Plains. The easiest area to spot nearby on the map is the airport. Site Phi is situated directly south of the airstrip. Coming in from the side of this area is useful and allows you to avoid a lot of conflict vs. coming in from the front entrance.

Again, there are only a few guards watching the anti-aircraft gun. They are also pretty spread out which makes it all the easier to take them down. Try to avoid a lot of attention because they can and will bring helicopters into the area. Just like Site Tau, the Depleted Uranium is next to the anti-aircraft gun.