All Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry Battle Pass weapon skins

Revel in your shiny arsenal.


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Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry brings a brand new Battle Pass featuring over a hundred rewards. If you play regularly, you’ll be fine unlocking every single one, including the retro-themed weapon skins. This guide lists every weapon skin you can earn through the Battle Pass, so you know how much effort you need to put in to get what you want.

Every weapon skin in the Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry Battle Pass

Here, we’ve listed all the weapon skins you can earn from the Season 16: Revelry Battle Pass in Apex Legends. Each one includes the level requirement and whether you can claim it from the free Battle Pass or the need to upgrade to the Premium Track.

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Frenzied Frequency (G7 Scout skin) – Requires Level 1 and Premium Battle Pass

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This G7 Scout skin is white and gold with an aesthetic not unlike a child’s radio toy from the 80s. You’ll need access to the Premium Track on the Battle Pass to get it at Level 1.

Laser Lightshow (Devotion skin) – Requires Level 8 and Premium Battle Pass

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This skin is a scream of purple that will blind your enemies with style before you kill them. You unlock it at Level 8 of the Premium Track of the Battle Pass.

Shooting Stars (Kraber skin) – Requires Level 12

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Take aim and stay cool with this amazing blue Kraber skin. You can unlock it for free from the Battle Pass at Level 12.

Party Popper (Mozambique skin) – Requires Level 14

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This pistol skin will make you stand out using a Mozambique in your next match. Grab it at Level 14 for free from the Battle Pass.

Disco Dazzler (30-30 skin) – Requires Level 21

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Be the life of the party with the pretty and explosive 30-30 skin. Grab it from the Battle Bass for free at Level 21.

Polygonal (R-99 skin) – Requires Level 25

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Get your polygon on with this new rare R-99 skin. This is definitely going to be too distracting for us to get any kills once we unlock it for free at Level 25 in the Battle Pass.

Little Legends (CAR skin) – Requires Level 26 and Premium Battle Pass

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This skin is a bit too dazzling, even for us. If you want it, you can claim it from the Premium Track on the Battle Pass at Level 26.

Sunset Threat (Bocek skin) – Requires Level 29

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If you love a bow, like us, then this skin will change Apex Legends for you. Even better, it’s free at Level 29 on the Battle Pass.

Sonic Sequencer (Hemlok skin) – Requires Level 30

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We adore this skin because it looks like one of the visualizers you could load up on Windows 98 when playing music from CD, as all the cool kids did back in the day. Grab it at Level 30 from the Battle Pass for free and relive those days without the crippling lack of Apex Legends in your life.

Aural Energy (Havoc skin) – Requires Level 34 and Premium Battle Pass

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Burn the eyes from your enemy’s skull before you blast their head off with this skin. You’ll need the Premium Battle Pass to get it at Level 34.

Cosmic Overload (Rampage skin) – Requires Level 37

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This might just be the pinkest and purple we’ve ever seen on a weapon skin. Get a close-up look at Level 37 in the Battle Pass.

DJ Nessie (EVA-8 skin) – Requires Level 42 and Premium Battle Pass

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The name of this skin is misleading. There’s no sign of the Loch Ness Monster and its DJ decks anywhere. Pick it up with the Premium Battle Pass at Level 42.

Vibe Check (Prowler skin) – Requires Level 46

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Everyone needs one of these now and then, both in Apex Legends and in real life. Nab it for yourself at Level 46 on the free Battle Pass.

Triangular (Charge Rifle skin) – Requires Level 52 and Premium Battle Pass

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This skin will give you triangles, not stars, in your eyes. Get it on the Premium Battle Pass Track at Level 52.

Sonic Frequency (L-Star skin) – Requires Level 54

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This skin puts one of the best retro weapon skins onto another weapon for you, so you can see it much more often as you play. Get it for free at Level 54 of the Battle Pass.

Retro Soundsystem (Spitfire skin) – Requires Level 59 and Premium Battle Pass

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This is our favorite skin from the whole Battle Pass. It looks like a toy many of us used to play with, complete with animated squares for the keys along the side. This skin alone is worth the price of the Premium Battle Pass you’ll need to claim it at Level 59.

Pixel Perfect (Longbow skin) – Requires Level 62

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Check the number of dead pixels on this skin for yourself when you unlock it at Level 62 on the Battle Pass.

Tagged (RE-45 skin) – Requires Level 64 and Premium Battle Pass

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Equip this skin and pretend you’re darting around a paintballing arena, spraying colors everywhere. To unlock it, you need to hit Level 64 on the Premium Battle Pass Track.

Heartfelt Holos (Wingman skin) – Requires Level 70

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Enjoy the retro artwork on this skin when you claim it from the Battle Pass at Level 70. Just don’t get too sidetracked when looking at it.

Rock The Night (Peacekeeper skin) – Requires Level 72 and Premium Battle Pass

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Transform your Peacekeeper into an instrument of death and rock music with this skin. You’ll need the Premium Battle Pass and must hit Level 72 to unlock it.

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Deadly Decals (Triple Take skin) – Requires Level 78 and Premium Battle Pass

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This skin looks very pretty and belongs in a museum, not a battlefield. Pick it up with the Premium Battle Pass when you hit Level 78.

Party Mix v301 (R-301 skin) – Requires Level 92 and Premium Battle Pass

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This skin’s a bit of a mess, but it does match its name in that way, at least. Get it for yourself at Level 92 on the Premium Battle Pass.

Cosmic Vectors (Flatline skin) – Requires Level 94 and Premium Battle Pass

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When you hit Level 94 on the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll unlock this fantastic skin that looks like something pulled from a funky alternate future.

Headliner (Mastiff skin) – Requires Level 100 and Premium Battle Pass

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This golden skin is the first of two Legendary skins you’ll unlock at Level 100 on the Premium Battle Pass. Well worth the purchase if you can push yourself to hit this high on the Battle Pass this season.

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Afterparty (Mastiff skin) – Requires Level 100 and Premium Battle Pass

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The second Mastiff skin you’ll get at Level 100 on the Premium Battle Pass Track. We prefer this one because it looks like some sort of sci-fi tiger wrap on a big cannon.