The best shotguns in Apex Legends (2021)

Become the master of close-range combat.

Peacekeeper with a Legendary skin

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shotguns are often an overlooked class when it comes to Apex Legends, as they are not quite as brutal as shotguns are in some other games. That said, with Season 9: Legacy being the very first time none of the shotguns are locked away in the Care Package, it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at with shotguns really pack a punch.


Even with its major nerf after getting taken out of the Care Package, the Peacekeeper is still the fiercest shotgun out there. It’s also the only shotgun to have a built-in choke toggle, allowing the player to choke bullet spread and hit their target with a concentrated blast of damage. A couple of hits and your enemy isn’t going to know what hit them — but they’ll probably be cursing the Peacekeeper’s name.

EVA-8 Auto

Ever since the EVA-8 got its fire rate buff at the beginning of Season 8, it crashed its way into the meta and replaced the formerly-favored Mastiff in a lot of situations — even in Ranked Leagues and the competitive scene. Having a fast shotgun, especially with a Level 3 shotgun bolt, is such an advantage and a great way to take someone down, catch them off-guard, or finish them off.


Okay, now you just think we are trolling. We get it. The Mozambique is historically the worst weapon in the game. That said, it got a major buff for Season 9, and we’re not counting it out anymore. It now holds up to 6 shots and spread is more concentrated. There is a chance this gun could easily be kicked off of the list, but we are optimistic about seeing the Mozambique finally have its day.