Are Apex Legends servers down? How to check Apex Legends’ server status

Are the Apex Legends servers encountering issues?

Image via EA

Apex Legends has earned itself almost a complete makeover, with Season 16: Revelry adding a Team Deathmatch mode, remastered Legend classes, and several gameplay changes. That said, plenty of players are likely to hop into matches to see these features for themselves, making it more likely for the game’s servers to be overwhelmed. Even worse, they could be down for part or all of the community. If this happens to be the case for you, here’s how to see the current server status for Apex Legends.

How to check the Apex Legends server status and if they’re down

The best way to check the status of Apex’s servers is to go to an outside source that regularly monitors the game’s health, a website simply known as Apex Legends Servers. It is not affiliated with Apex’s developer or publisher, though it effectively shares any problems or hiccups the servers are having, showing their health and performance. If any issues are presently happening with the Apex Legends servers, a small notification will appear on the front of the page, and players are directed to reach out to the EA Help team to report the issue.

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If the servers look good at this location, the next best place is to check out the Apex Legends Twitter page. At the time of writing, the developer has not made mention of Season 16 server issues, but it is still worth checking the page periodically to see if it offers solutions or a time frame for eventual fixes. Alternatively, the DownDetector website for Apex Legends is also a good choice, as it shows the amount of players currently having login issues.

Outside of those three locations, you may need to wait until the official Apex Legends team responds or the EA Help Twitter posts a comment about the servers. These pages don’t do this often, so the best idea might be to take a step away from Apex Legends until the server issues are resolved.