All Bamboo Strike locations on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima

Improve your resolve to get stronger.

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Iki Island is home to four different bamboo strike locations that will give Jin Sakai even more resolve after the initial Ghost of Tsushima experience. Along the way, you’ll witness gorgeous locales and an intriguing shipwreck along the way.

Buddha’s Footprints Bamboo Strike

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On the most southern part of Iki Island, you’ll find a bamboo strike area. South of Buddha’s Footprints, you’ll find a small pond with slanted trees overhanging it. By a white flag, you’ll find the bamboo strike location.

Saru Island Bamboo Strike

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Slightly offshore from the mainland of Iki Island, Saru Island has a bamboo strike raring to go, but you’ll need to get three bamboos to get it started. It is located in the southwest of Iki Island and is east of Saruiwa. The bamboo strike is on the most eastern part of Saru Island. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a man with a bonfire. Once you’ve collected the bamboo, put it on the stool and strike.

Shipwreck Bamboo Strike

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This location is northeast of Yahata Forest in the eastern section of Iki Island. This one is quite hidden. It’s on a cliff face overlooking the sea, but first, you’ll discover a slew of rocks blocking your path. Find a wooden structure blocking the pathway forwards and pull it down with your hook. Walk on through and you’ll find the bamboo strike.

Tatsu’s Ladder Bamboo Strike

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Slightly north from the center of Ikku Island stands northwest of Zasho River and is west of the location Tatsu’s Ladder. It is southwest of Mount Takenotsuji as well. You’ll know you are in the right area when you see a thicket of trees by a lake.