All Berlin Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Looking around the crowd.

The nightclub in Hitman 3’s offers more than just a playground for you to take out ICA agents; it has a lot of secrets to uncover, including 22 Undiscovered Areas.

These areas can be tricky to find without the right kind of disguise, so be sure to disguise yourself as a Tech crew member or a employee of the club. This will make it so much easier to navigate the map. It’s a popular place, so there will be plenty of people to disguise yourself as.

Finding all of these areas the Followed the Trails achievement/trophy so what are you waiting for?

Level 0

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Club Holle

Head down the path from where you start the mission and head through the broken fence to find Club Holle.

Water Channels

Head right, through the parking lot, over the cement barriers, and around the big tanks to find the Water Channels tucked away in the corner.

Radio Tower

Back in the parking lot, to the left of the broken fence you came in through, is a small building. Go to it and you will find a brick on the ground, in front of the door. Pick the brick up to reveal the Radio Tower Key underneath it. Pick this up and now it’s time to backtrack all the way back up to the road you started the mission on until you come across the huge radio tower. Unlock the fence with the key and head up, eventually unlocking the Radio Tower area.

Club Entrance

Find a way into the club and you will unlock the Club Entrance after the frisking by the security guard.

Chill Out

Go into the club and follow the big hallway on the right. You will eventually come to a door leading to an outside area. Go out and you will unlock the Chill Out area.


Look near the bottom part of the Chill Out area and you will see a security guard blocking a staff entrance. Head past him, either disguised or taking him out, climb through the open window, through the next window in front of you, and you will find Wardrobe.

Red Toilet

Head back into the club through Chill Out and take a right. Follow the hall around the corner and you will see a huge group of people waiting for the bathrooms. Work your way in and you will find the Red Toilet area.

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Back Entrance

Go out the backdoor of the club and into the Back Entrance parking lot.

Juice Bar

Go through the door on your right and work your way through the small shipping container area and you will reach the Juice Bar.


Go around behind the bar to find an entrance being guarded by a couple of enemies. Sneak your way in, or go in guns blazing, and go into the entrance to the building. Move further into the room and the Garage will unlock.

Biker Hangout

Head down the first hallway on your left and go into the first door on your left to find the Biker Hangout.

Drop Packaging

Leave the Biker Hangout and go through the second door on your right to unlock Drop Packaging.

Level 1

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Grow House

Head back out of the Drop Packaging area and take a right into the large room. There are some stairs in the corner that you can take up. On this level, head towards the back of the room and take the last door on your right to unlock the Grow House.

Level 2

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Sniper’s Nest

Head back to the stairs you used to get to this level and keep going up. Make your way to the other side of the building and you will find the Sniper’s Nest area.

Level 3

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Go back to the stairs and up to the next level. Turn around and you will see a walkway back into the building that the club is in. Going in will unlock the Overpass.


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Projection Bar

Work your way back to the entrance of the club (we know, it’s a long walk) and you will find stairs leading down on either side of the entrance. If you’re facing the entrance, go down the stairs on the right and this will lead you to the Projection Bar.

Pipe Room

Next to the Project Bar is a little alcove you can go into that appears to be a dead end. However, you can vault over the railing and climb hour way over to the other side of the barrier. Climb back over the railing and head a little further in to unlock the Pipe Room.


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Basement Bar

Head back to the stairs to this level and continue going down. This will take you to the Basement Bar.

Dance Floor

Now, head out onto the dance floor. You really can’t miss it.

DJ Booth

Head towards where the DJ Booth is and you will find an unlocked door on the right to go backstage. The door to the DJ Booth on this side is locked but you can get in on the other side, or lure one of the members out to you. Either way, go inside once you can and unlock it.

Hirschmüller’s Office

From the DJ Booth door, take a right and go through the doors into the next hallway. On your right will be a pair of guards that you can just run by and into the door on your left. This is Hirschmüller’s Office.

Boiler Room

Go back out of the door you entered and take a left, following the hallway all the way down to the Boiler Room.