All bosses in Necesse and how to spawn them

How to get every boss to come out and play.

Image via Mads Skovogaard

Fighting bosses is a major milestone in Necesse. Each boss has a chance to drop important rare loot, with some of them having guaranteed drops for every first kill. These items will be very helpful with crafting and progressing your character, but that means that knowing what bosses are out there and how to summon them is just as important. 

There are a total of 11 bosses in Necesse, each of them with their own separate means of summoning and loot tables. Some can be summoned fairly early on, while others are only viable later in the game. What follows is a default progression list of all bosses in Necesse and how to spawn them.

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All bosses and how to summon them in Necesse

1) Evil’s Protector

Evil’s Protector is the first boss in Necesse and can be summoned only at night by using the Mysterious Portal. It’s a pretty simple two-phase boss, with a ground and air phase that alternate as the fight progresses.

2) Queen Spider

The Queen Spider is the second boss in Necesse and can be summoned in one of two ways. One way is to destroy an egg in the Spider Nest within Snow Caves, and the other is to use the Royal Egg in Snow Caves. Due to this boss’ mobility, it’s a good idea to prepare a large fighting arena before engaging her.

3) Void Wizard

The Void Wizard is the third boss in Necesse and you can find him at the bottom of the Dungeon. You initiate the fight by attacking him, otherwise, you can summon him by using a Void Caller. He fights progressively faster, but his clones are the most dangerous part of the fight because hitting the wrong one will spawn permanent projectiles.

4) Swamp Guardian

The Swamp Guardian is the fourth boss in Necesse. You can summon it by using a Spiked Fossil inside Swamp Caves. This boss quickly deals extremely high damage for this stage in the game, making it the first real DPS and survivability check. Even after a nerf, it still hits like a truck.

5) Ancient Vulture

The Ancient Vulture is the fifth boss in Necesse and can be summoned in the desert by using an Ancient Statue. This boss is able to deal damage with fly-bys as well as its feathers, but the most dangerous part is the eggs that can hatch into smaller vultures doing more of the same.

6) Pirate Captain

The Pirate Captain is the sixth boss in Necesse. There is no way of summoning him, and instead, he can be found in the center of Pirate Village islands. While he’s able to hit from up close, the real danger comes from his cannon barrages and shots.

7) Reaper

The Reaper is the seventh boss in Necesse and can be summoned by using a Shadow Gate. This boss is surprisingly tough and quick, with attacks that don’t hit as hard at first but ramp up during the fight.

8) Cryo Queen

The Cryo Queen is the eighth boss in Necesse. You can summon her with an Ice Crown only in Deep Snow Caves. She wields a plethora of icy attacks, both ranged and melee. That makes her a substantial DPS and survivability check for your character.

9) Pest Warden

The Pest Warden is the ninth boss in Necesse, found in the Deep Swamp Caves and summoned using a Decaying Leaf. It’s a total tank of a boss, with bear-complete AoE damage resistance, as well as resistance to fire, frost, and poison. Furthermore, it can get a ‘hardened’ buff after attacking which allows it to take even less damage.

10) Sage and Grit

Sage and Grit are a boss duo and the tenth boss in Necesse. They can be summoned with Dragon Souls used on a pedestal that can be found in Deep Desert Caves. This pair of dragons is a nasty combination of bosses, made even more difficult with more summons coming in to help them.

11) Fallen Wizard

The Fallen Wizard is the eleventh and final boss in the game as it currently stands. He can be found on the final floor of the Deep Desert Temple which unlocks only after defeating Sage and Grit. He cannot be summoned again after beating him, and will instead respawn on a fixed cooldown. The Fallen Wizard is significantly more difficult to beat than other bosses, with multiple different phases and attacks.