All Calcified Light Fragments locations for the Growth Quest in Destiny 2

Another treasure hunt.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

It’s another treasure hunt in Destiny 2, although this time, we are hunting down Calcified Light Fragments. You will need these for the Growth quest, to get your hands on the new Exotic Trace Rifle, the Ruinous Effigy.

You can find then on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury. There are five on each planet, except for Io, which has 10. Your Ghost will show you where to go if you just hold it. You can use the embedded videos below to show you how to get to each of the five Fragments on each planet. Some of them are in awkward and hard to reach spots, so a video will be far more helpful than just a map of the location. We have also included a map showing the location where each one can be found.


Io Calcified Fragments


There are five more on Titan. Three on the Rig, and two near Siren’s Watch.

Calcified Light Fragments Titan


Once again, there are five to be found on Mars. Three near Braytech Futurescape, and two near the Glacial Drift.

Mars Fragments