All Ceanataur item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This crusty crab has some good loot.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is packed with unique endemic wildlife of all shapes and sizes. The Ceanataur is a distant relative of the similarly shelled Hermitaur. They share some items and materials, but not all between them are the same. These crustacean critters can provide excellent materials for building defensive-minded armor and decorations. They are more challenging to find than most creatures, with the only consistent spawning point being the Flooded Forest area. This guide will cover all their dropped materials and items you will be rewarded for carving them.

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All Ceanataur material drops

The best place to find a pair of these monsters is to search area three of the Flood Forest stage in Master Rank expeditions. Two or three of them will spawn every run and respawn if you wait between five and ten minutes. you must defeat them quickly, as they will eventually burrow and run away if you don’t finish them fast enough.

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Of all the items this monster can drop, the main shell is the most common part by far the most useful. Here are the drop percentages for each Ceanataur carving.

  • Ceanataur Shell – 48% carve chance.
  • Tough Claw – 32% carve chance.
  • Carapaceon Brains+ – 20% carve chance.

The Ceanataur and the Hermitaur have fantastic armor sets they can provide with their unique material drops. Farming this armor is recommended for any bow players, especially if you use piercing ammo types.

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This armor set is excellent for bow players with its maxed-out Critical eye and Peak Performance skills. These two skills will guarantee a lot of critical hits and big damage buffs if you are in full health. This armor can also be used with the Long Sword, but it truly shines in the hands of a good piercing ammo bow weapon.