All Champion Skills in Marvel’s Avengers

Your hero’s journey isn’t over yet.

Marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

After you finally reach level 50 on any of your heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, you can now upgrade them even further through the game’s Champion System. As with all of the progression systems in Marvel’s Avengers, each hero character will have their own Champion Skill tree and Champion Levels for you to manage. By earning Champion XP, you can raise your Champion Level and earn Champion Skill Points. There are four different categories of Champion Skills to upgrade and work through, each with three different boosts, and each of those boosts will have five different tiers.

For reference each tier of boost costs the following number of Champion Skill Points:

  • Tier I – 1 Champion Skill Point
  • Tier II – 2 Champion Skill Points
  • Tier III – 4 Champion Skill Points
  • Tier IV – 8 Champion Skill Points
  • Tier V – 16 Champion Skill Points
Marvel's Avengers Champion System
Image via Square Enix

Combat Boosts

Combat Boosts have a focus on your regular melee attacks, your ranged attacks, and your special Heroic abilities.

  • Melee Damage Boost – Permanently boost Melee damage by 3%
  • Ranged Ramage Boost – Permanently boost Ranged damage by 3%
  • Heroic Damage Boost – Permanently boost Heroic damage by 3%

After fully obtaining all boosts, your melee, ranged, and Heroic attacks will all be raised by 15%.

Tactical Boosts

  • Critical Damage Boost – Permanently boost Critical damage by 5%
  • Critical Chance Boost – Permanently boost innate Critical damage by 1%
  • Status and Stun Damage Boost – Permanently boost all Stun and Status damage by 2%

By the end, your Critical Damage will be boosted by 25%, your Critical Change by 5%, and Stun and Status Damage by 10%.

Utility Boosts

  • Heroic Charge Rate Boost – Permanently increases the charge rate of all Heroics by 2.5%
  • Perk Chance Boost – Permanently boost the chance of activating perks by 3%
  • Status Resistance Boost – Permanently reduce damage from all elemental and status effects by 2%

Full upgrades lead to a 12.5% increase in Heroic Charge Rate, 15% increase on Perk Chance, and 10% increase in Status Resistance.

Defensive Boosts

Willpower is what Marvel’s Avengers calls your health or hit points.

  • Maximum Willpower Boost – Permanently increase maximum Willpower by 4%
  • Fortification Boost – Permanently increase defense by 1%
  • Willpower Recovery Boost – Permanently increase Willpower recovery by 5%

You can have a permanent 20% Willpower increase by the end of these upgrades, along with a 5% defense boost and Willpower Recovery improved by 25%.