All character changes coming in Overwatch 2

Heroes never die, but they do evolve.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is hoping to completely revamp how players experience moment-to-moment gameplay in Overwatch 2. To accomplish that goal, the game is receiving a load of new maps and new gameplay modes. However, the biggest changes coming with Overwatch 2 affect the characters players have been maining for years now.

Over the course of multiple developer streams, it’s been made clear that serious changes and overhauls are coming to characters and PVP in general. Tanks are becoming more offensive, DPS characters will be even faster, and support characters will be even better all around. However, that doesn’t mean every change will be a buff. Some characters are having their core abilities nerfed or done away with entirely. These base differences will have huge implications considering the shift to 5v5 gameplay from 6v6. Here are the changes coming to characters in Overwatch 2:


  • Can now cancel out of charges into his ultimate.
  • Has two firestrike charges.


  • HP of bubble shield is now displayed for allies when they look at it.
  • New alt-fire. His gun charges up a long-range electric shock attack, meaning you can’t just run away from Winston.


  • Can project two bubble shields at one time onto teammates.


  • Primary fire no longer freezes enemies. Instead, they’re extremely slowed down. No more free alt-fire headshots for Mei players.


  • UI changes for healing or powering up teammates.