All cheats and modifiers in The Last of Us Part II

Make Part II a little less hard, and bit more colorful.

Now sketched in most of our minds is a very dark, ominous The Last of Us Part II. What if fans could see it completely differently, maybe in a world full of trippy colors where you don’t have to worry about supply shortage or weapon damage. Now it’s entirely possible to play the game in various ways like this, with the installation of the game’s version 1.05 update.

The update adds many graphical filters and cheats, allowing you to plan your next customizable Part II playthrough, here are all of the options you have at your disposal.

As of August 13, players can access the following modifiers through the pause menu’s extras tab.

All cheats and gameplay modifiers

  • Slow Motion: Reduces game speed to 50%
  • Bullet Speed Mode: Reduces game speed to 25% while aiming
  • Infinite Ammo: Unlimited ammo at all times.
  • Infinite Crafting: Constant wealth of weapon ingredients
  • Infinite Melee Durability: When enabled, your melee weapons won’t break
  • Infinite Listen Mode Range: Enables an unlimited distance for listening
  • One Shot: Only one bullet can take down any enemy
  • Touch of Death: One swing of a melee weapon eliminates an enemy

All graphic modifiers

  • Mirror World: Horizontal flip of all surroundings
  • Mirror on Death: A horizontal flip occurs after every death
  • Graphic: Turn the world into a comic-book rendering
  • Headache: Play the game in a red and white filter
  • Afterlife: A variant of the Graphic filter, with a darker tint.
  • 8-bit: A blurry graphic modifier nostalgic to former NES players
  • Watercolor: A muddy, painting-inspired render
  • Dungeon: An emphasis on shadows, with a more cartoon look
  • Void: Inverts all color presented
  • Pop Poster: A filter where everything is rainbow
  • 1960: Eliminates all vivid colors, in favor of a grainy noire film aspect
  • Cool: A light blue tint to all visuals
  • Warm: A dark orange tint to all visuals
  • Vibrant: All visuals have lighter color variants
  • Nior: A classic black and white modifier
  • Blorange: A balanced mix of both the Cool and Warm filters
  • Sepia: A light-bronze modifier
  • Vintage: All visuals have a darker, worn down variant
  • Beasts: A dark red render
  • Terminated: A dark blue filter
  • Gridlocked: Adds a dark yellow to all visuals
  • Blacklight: A filter that makes everything a dark blue
  • Desert Fog: A foggy red filter
  • Blood: A horrifying blood-red variation on Blacklight
  • Inferno: Add a glowing red filter to all characters
  • Fire: A render with an orange-red haze
  • Trinity: A bright transformation to all dark colors
  • Pusher: A gold filter applied to the environment
  • Demons: A dark purple modifier
  • Drugzone: A sickly green filter
  • Moonlight: All lighting is made blue