All Chongqing Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Searching among the neon glow.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the soft glow of neon that permeates throughout the Chongqing map in Hitman 3; there are a lot of secrets tucked away and plenty of Undiscovered Areas to find, 29 to be exact.

If you are looking to unlock the Surveillance Master while you take out Hush and Royce, then keep reading.

Level 0

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Yuzhong Square

From the default spawn point, follow the walkway and up the stairs, and you will reach Yuzhong Square.


If you continue up the street, you will find the Arcade, which is locked from the front. You can go up the alley to the left and through the building to a small courtyard where a couple of guards will be. Sneak past them or take them out, then use a crowbar to break open the door, allowing you entry into the Arcade.

Level 1

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Onelectrics Store

Continue further up the main street from the Arcade and you will come across a store on your left. This is Onelectrics Store.

Inner Courtyard

Turn back down the main street, facing the way you came, and you will see an alley on your left. Follow this alley down and you will see an entry on your right to the Inner Courtyard. You need a disguise to get into this area.


Go back down to Yuzhong Square, and into the large building on your left. Go up the stairs and you will unlock the Restaurant.


Head back outside and up the stairs across the square, turning to your left. You will find the entrance to the Laundromat for you to go through.

OK Karaoke

Going back outside, there will be a building on your left that you can enter. This is OK Karaoke.

Zhao’s Apartment

From OK Karaoke, turn left and you will find an open window in the building on your right. Climbing through the window will get you into Zhao’s Apartment, and also a place that you will be trespassing in.

Level 2

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ICA Apartment

From Zhao’s Apartment, head into the building’s hallway and head up the stairs. On the second floor, you will find a door with a keypad. Enter “0118” into the pad and you will gain entry into the ICA Apartment.

Recruitment Station

Make your way back out of the apartment building and make your way up towards the Arcade. Go back up the alley on your left and into the building you used to get into the Arcade. Using a disguise, head up the stairs here and to the next level. Follow the hallway until you reach an open door with a few people inside. Going in here will unlock the Recruitment Station.

Level 3

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Derelict Apartments

From the Recruitment Station, head down the hallway you came from and you will see a chain-link gate. Use a crowbar to open it and head up the stairs to the next floor. You will find the Derelict Apartments there.

Level 4

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Benchmark Lab

Keep going up the stairs to the next floor and you will find the Benchmark Lab.

Northeastern Rooftop

Head through the Benchmark Lab and you will find an open window, on your left, at the end of the room. Climb through it and go across the small walkway on your right. This will take you to the Northeastern Rooftop.

Level 5

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Therapy Room

Head back across to the lab building and head past the window you climbed through. Take a right at the corner and go up the ladder on the scaffolding there. Then vault over the railing and onto the balcony. Turn left and go to the door straight ahead of you. Enter “2552” into the keypad and go through the door to the Therapy Room.

Hush’s Private Lab

Go into the door on your right and into the next room. Go around the barriers on your right to come into Hush’s Private Lab. You will know it’s the right place with the two chairs, surrounded by lab equipment.

The Lotus Passage

Go across the lab and through the door on the opposite wall, breaking it open with a crowbar. Go right, around the stairs and through the double doors to enter the Lotus Passage.

Southeastern Rooftop

Go across the The Lotus Passage and through the doors on the other side. On your right, you will see a chain-link gate. Unlock it and go through to the Southeastern Rooftop.

Glorious Leap Sign

Okay, time for some backtracking; bear with us.

Make your way all the way back to Yuzhong Square (or just restart the mission). Go to the Laundromat and in the back, you will find a door with a keypad. Enter “0118” into the keypad and the door will open. Keep going up the stairs, all the way to a door which will take you onto a small landing. There will be a guard there so take him out however you want.

Hang a left from the door and go up the stairs there to the top roof. Head onto the metal landing beneath the giant sign to unlock the Glorious Leap Sign. This is also where you can take care of the All-Seeing Eyes mission story.

Level -1

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You will need disguises to navigate these last three levels. We recommend taking the outfits of the security guards on each floor.

Resting Capsules

Time for some more backtracking as you head to the Inner Courtyard on Level 1. Inside and to the left, just past the two guards at the entrance, there are some double doors. Head inside these and into the facility. Take a left, let the guards frisk you, and go through the door. Go down the stairs and take a right, going through the sliding doors into the Resting Capsules. The name of the room will be on the doors.

ICA Employee Vetting

Head out of the Resting Capules and through the first door on your right. There will be a vent on your left that you can hack to open, allowing you to vault into the next room. Grab the Tier 1 Access Dongle on the shelf next to you and head out the door. Go right, down the hall, and grab the Tier 2 Access Dongle on the desk behind the four monitors. This also happens to be the ICA Employee Vetting.

Tier 1 Security

Go through the sliding doors right by the desk and keep heading down the hall, through two more sets of sliding doors. Hack the panel next to the door that says “Security” on it, with the blue stripe. Head into the door and take a left into the office. This is Tier 1 Security.

ICA Entrance Checkpoint

You can either head back the way you came into the office, going right, and past the two guards there. This is the ICA Entrance Checkpoint.

Level -2

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Tier 2 Security

Head straight from ICA Entrance Checkpoint, past the stairs, and there will be a door you can hack. Doing so will give you access to some stairs you can take down to the next level.

Go right at the bottom and hack the door there. This is Tier 2 Security and you should grab a new disguise while you’re here, as well as going into the Armory to pick up the Tier 3 Access Dongle.

Service Tunnels

With a new disguise and dongle in hand, go through the door at the top of the map and keep going until you see a vent that can be hacked. Hack it, climb through, and you will find the Service Tunnels.

Analysis Area

Climb back out through the vent and take a right through the sliding doors. Go to where all the massive screens are to find the Analysis Area.

Royce’s Office

Go through the Analysis Area and there will be a guard at a door. Go through the door to find Royce’s Office.

Break Room

Head out of Royce’s Office and take a right, going down the hall, past some stairs. Eventually, you will find some doors with “Break Room” on them with a blue stripe. Go through to unlock the, well, Break Room.

Level -3

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The Data Core

Go to the stairs you passed on your way to the Break Room and head down to the bottom level. There will be a door in front of you with a hack-able panel. Hack it and go inside to find The Data Core.

Core Control Room

Head out the door you came in and go right around the core room. Go through the door and then take a right immediately afterwards into the Core Control Room, and the final Undiscovered Area.