All classes and class combos in Ashes of Creation

So many fun choices to pick from!

Image via Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation is an open-world MMORPG game by Intrepid Studios, currently officially in the Alpha stage of development. There have been bits and pieces of information trickling in, and some prospective players have been planning their first characters. It is a good idea to know how that works in any game, and doubly so in an MMO. In Ashes of Creation, players can pick one of the eight archetypes, which can then be mixed with another later, resulting in 64 possible class combinations. That’s why we have prepared this article explaining the archetype and class combinations in Ashes of Creation. 

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All Class Archetypes in Ashes of Creation

As mentioned, there are eight distinct Archetypes in Ashes of Creation. You pick your first one at the start of the game. This will be considered your primary Archetype and it cannot be changed later on. Then at level 25, you will be able to choose your secondary Archetype. This can be any one of the eight once again, including the same one as your primary. The difference is that you will be able to change your secondary Archetype as needed, though not on the fly. 

The combination of these two Archetypes is what will be referred to as your Class. Before we delve into specific Class combinations, these are the eight available Archetypes in Ashes of Creation:

  • Bard — The tactical buff-oriented arcane support Archetype.
  • Cleric — The healing and utility-focused arcane support Archetype.
  • Fighter — The maneuverable martial damage-dealer Archetype.
  • Mage — The ubiquitous arcane damage-dealer Archetype.
  • Ranger — The ranged and dual-wielding martial damage-dealer Archetype. 
  • Rogue — The utility-based, thieving martial damage-dealer Archetype.
  • Summoner — The role-versatile arcane summoner Archetype.
  • Tank — The tough and sturdy martial tank Archetype.

All Class combinations in Ashes of Creation

Image via Intrepid Studios

Combining two Archetypes in Ashes of Creation is what determines your Class. With eight Archetypes in the game, that means that there are 64 possible Class combinations that you can have. Notably, your primary Archetype matters, as it defines which variant of the combination you will get. For example, a Fighter picking Bard becomes Tellsword, but a Bard picking Fighter becomes Bladedancer. Let’s go through each starting Archetype and list all Classes that they can combine with.

Bard Archetype

+ Bard = Minstrel Class
+ Cleric = Scryer Class
+ Figher = Bladedancer Class
+ Mage = Sorcerer Class
+ Ranger = Bowsinger Class
+ Rogue = Charlatan Class
+ Summoner = Enchanter Class
+ Tank = Argent Class

Cleric Archetype

+ Bard = Soul Weaver Class
+ Cleric = High Priest Class
+ Fighter = Highsword Class
+ Mage = Acolyte Class
+ Ranger = Soulbow Class
+ Rogue = Cultist Class
+ Summoner = Necromancer Class
+ Tank = Paladin Class

Fighter Archetype

+ Bard = Tellsword Class
+ Cleric = Templar Class
+ Fighter = Weapon Master Class
+ Mage = Battle Mage Class
+ Ranger = Strider Class
+ Rogue = Duelist Class
+ Summoner = Wild Blade Class
+ Tank = Knight Class

Mage Archetype

+ Bard = Magician Class
+ Cleric = Oracle Class
+ Fighter = Spellsword Class
+ Mage = Archwizard Class
+ Ranger = Scion Class
+ Rogue = Nightspell Class
+ Summoner = Spellmancer Class
+ Tank = Spellshield Class

Ranger Archetype

+ Bard = Song Warden Class
+ Cleric = Protector Class
+ Fighter = Hunter Class
+ Mage = Spellhunter Class
+ Ranger = Hawkeye Class
+ Rogue = Predator Class
+ Summoner = Beastmaster Class
+ Tank = Warden Class

Rogue Archetype

+ Bard = Trickster Class
+ Cleric = Shadow Disciple Class
+ Fighter = Shadowblade Class
+ Mage = Shadow Caster Class
+ Ranger = Scout Class
+ Rogue = Assassin Class
+ Summoner = Shadowmancer Class
+ Tank = Nightshield Class

Summoner Archetype

+ Bard = Songcaller Class
+ Cleric = Shaman Class
+ Fighter = Bladecaller Class
+ Mage = Warlock Class
+ Ranger = Falconer Class
+ Rogue = Shadow Lord Class
+ Summoner = Conjurer Class
+ Tank = Keeper Class

Tank Archetype

+ Bard = Siren Class
+ Cleric = Apostle Class
+ Fighter = Dreadnought Class
+ Mage = Spellstone Class
+ Ranger = Sentinel Class
+ Rogue = Shadow Guardian Class
+ Summoner = Brood Warden Class
+ Tank = Guardian Class