All Companions in Elder Scrolls Online and how to get them

Keeping company.

Image via Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls Online has introduced companions, NPCs that will travel the land, go on adventures with players, and fight by their side in combat. The more time players spend with a companion, and the more they fight together, the greater the skills of their companion will become.

After some time, companions will grow to trust players to the point of sharing their personal quest with them, which is the only way in the game to get these quests. Here is what you need to know about companions in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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All Companions in Elder Scrolls Online

There are several companions you can find in The Elder Scrolls Online. The first two were introduced in the Blackwood expansion while the next two companions were introduced in the High Isle Chapter. Players will need access to Blackwood to unlock Bastian and Mirri or High Isle to unlock Isobel and Ember.

  • Bastian Hallix can be found south of Deepscorn Hollow along the southwest coast of Blackwood.
  • Mirri Elendis can be found north of Doomvault Vulpinaz in northern Blackwood.
  • Isobel can be found west of Gonfalon Bay near the jousting area at Castle Navire on High Isle.
  • Ember can be found just south of Tor Draioch to the northeast of Gonfalon Bay on High Isle.

Where can companions be Summoned in Elder Scrolls Online?

Players can summon your Companions almost anywhere in Tamriel, however, there are some notable exceptions. In population-limited instances such as dungeons, group arenas, and trials, each Companion present counts against the population cap as if they were a player. In these areas, players will always take priority, and your Companions will be auto-dismissed as needed as other players zone in. 

Companions cannot be summoned in PvP areas, Solo Arenas, or in housing instances. If a player’s relationship with a companion deteriorates enough, the companion can also unsummon itself and refuse to answer any summons.