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All Conjunction Survival rewards in Warframe

Survive the inner halls of Lua for some new loot.

With the new Lua’s Prey update in Warframe, a brand new mission subtype has arrived. Conjunction Survival is only available on the Lua area of the star chart at the points Yuvarium and Circulus. These unique versions of a Survival mission largely function the same as a regular one, but there are some unique additions. Let’s take a look at all of the new rewards and how to get them.

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How to get Conjunction Survival rewards in Warframe: Lua’s Prey

The level range for these missions starts at 25-30 on the base star chart. Every five-minute interval will spawn a unique enemy called a Thrax, which comes in two forms. Either a Thrax Centurion, a large brute with a gigantic scythe, or a Thrax Legatus, a ranged unit similar to a Grineer Hellion that can hover in mid-air and fire a barrage of missiles at you. Both of these enemies will drain your Life Support quickly when they’re within a certain distance, so be sure to eliminate them whenever one spawns or you will be in quite a dire situation before you know it.

Players will also get help from the Void as well with a Dax Sentry that roams the area, casting an aura that boosts your Warframe’s ability-casting speed and strength. The Sentry will also occasionally fight back, but don’t count on it solely for help. Here are the rewards you can earn.

Every Conjunction Survival reward in Warframe: Lua’s Prey

Most of the same rewards from normal Survival missions will also appear here within similar weighted chances with only a few additions from the new enemies and exclusive items to these new nodes on Lua.

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Players can earn Thrax Plasm at a constant rate when completing a Conjunction Survival mission through at least one wave of five minutes of combat before they are allowed to leave. Thrax Plasm is an alternative resource to trade with Yonta in the Chrysalith for the components of the Voruna Warframe, Sarofang axe, and Perigale sniper rifle.

Here are the drop tables for the new Conjunction Survival nodes on Lua.

Lua: Yuvarium

Rotation A:

  • 3,000 Credits Cache – Common (38.72%)
  • Somatic Fibers – Common (38.72%)
  • 400 Endo – Rare (7.52%)
  • Perigale Blueprint – Rare (7.52%)
  • Sarofang Blueprint – Rare (7.52%)

Rotation B:

  • Neo T6 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo N21 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo G4 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo D5 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo S15 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo C2 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Neo M4 Relic – Uncommon (10.00%)
  • Sarofang Blade – Rare (6.00%)
  • Sarofang Handle – Rare (6.00%)
  • Perigale Barrel – Rare (6.00%)
  • Perigale Receiver – Rare (6.00%)
  • Perigale Stock – Rare (6.00%)

Rotation C:

  • Axi K8 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi K9 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi T8 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi N9 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi G8 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi K10 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Axi T10 Relic – Uncommon (11.36%)
  • Voruna Blueprint – Rare (6.82%)
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint – Rare (4.55%)
  • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint – Rare (4.55%)
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint – Rare (4.55%)

Lua: Yuvarium (Extra)

Rotations A, B, and C:

  • 5x Lua Thrax Plasm – Very Common (100.00%)

Lua: Circulus

Rotation A:

  • 400 Endo – Common (38.72%)
  • Somatic Fibers – Common (38.72%)
  • Perigale Blueprint – Uncommon (11.28%)
  • Sarofang Blueprint – Uncommon (11.28%)

Rotation B:

  • Neo T6 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo N21 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo G4 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo D5 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo S15 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo C2 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Neo M4 Relic – Rare (4.76%)
  • Sarofang Blade – Uncommon (10.16%)
  • Sarofang Handle – Uncommon (10.16%)
  • Perigale Barrel – Uncommon (10.16%)
  • Perigale Receiver – Uncommon (10.16%)
  • Perigale Stock – Uncommon (10.16%)
  • Conjunction Voltage – Rare (7.94%)
  • Arcane Rise – Rare (7.94%)

Rotation C:

  • Axi K8 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi K9 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi T8 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi N9 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi G8 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi K10 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Axi T10 Relic – Rare (6.12%)
  • Voruna Blueprint – Uncommon (12.24%)
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint – Rare (8.16%)
  • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint – Rare (8.16%)
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint – Rare (8.16%)
  • Arcane Blessing – Uncommon (10.20%)
  • Primary Frostbite – Uncommon (10.20%)

Lua: Circulus (Extra)

Rotations A, B, and C:

  • 5x Lua Thrax Plasm – Very Common (100.00%)

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