All console commands in Valheim and what they do

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Valheim is great at letting the players dictate the pace of their own progress. Like many other survival and building games out there, you can decide to rush through the content or simply take a step back and enjoy exploration and fun builds that you can do. And that freedom sometimes means that you might need to add something extra to your game or change an aspect or two. That’s where Console Commands or “cheat mode” comes into play, letting you do all sorts of things to make the game easier, more challenging, or simply change a few things. In this guide, we will explain how to access and use Console Commands in Valheim, and give you a full list of commands and their effects. 

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How to access Console Commands in Valheim

There are a few ways to enable the Console Commands in Valheim. You can add the “-console” rule to the Launch Options on Steam by right-clicking on Valheim in your Library and selecting, Properties. Alternatively, you can enable it by writing devcommands in chat. Writing it again will disable the console as well.

In either case, you can now access the console by pressing F5 or putting ‘/’ in chat which will list available commands (or simply inputting a command from our list).

Full list of Console Commands in Valheim

Player Commands

These are special commands that don’t require you to have devcommands enabled to function because they mostly affect the player and the way you play the game.

  • bind [keycode] [command] — Lets you rebind a keyboard key bind on the fly.
  • challenge — Perform the ‘Challenge’ emote.
  • cheer — Perform the ‘Cheer’ emote.
  • clear — Clears the console window.
  • fov [number] — Changes your field of view to the input number.
  • hidebetatext — Toggles beta text visibility.
  • help [page] [pages = 5] — Shows the available commands. Optional parameters will show only some sections of commands. For example help 2 4 shows the second quarter.
  • info — Prints the current system information in chat.
  • lodbias [number] — Sets the draw distance for the server to a range from 1 to 5.
  • nomap — Toggles map visibility. If you also host the server, it also toggles the nomap global key.
  • noportals — If you’re the server host, toggles the noportals global key.
  • nonono — Perform the ‘Nonono’ emote.
  • optterrain — Converts all the old terrain modifications (before Update 0.150.3) in the nearby area to the updated system.
  • point — Perform the ‘Point’ emote.
  • ping — Pings the server to measure latency.
  • printbinds — Prints current custom command binds to the chat.
  • printseeds — Prints the seeds and positions of nearby dungeons to the chat.
  • resetbinds — Removes all custom commands key binds.
  • resetspawn — Resets the spawn location.
  • respawn — Kills the character.
  • s — Shouts the chat message you type.
  • say — Says the chat message you type.
  • sit — Performs the ‘Sit’ emote, the same as the default X key bind.
  • thumbsup — Performs the ‘Thumbs up’ emote.
  • tutorialreset — Resets viewed tutorial messages.
  • tutorialtoggle — Toggles whether the tutorials are shown.
  • unbind [keycode] — Clears all custom command binds from the selected keycode.
  • wave — Performs the ‘Wave’ emote.
  • w [player name] — Sends a whispered chat message to the selected player.

Admin Commands

These commands work only if the player is also on the admin list for the server world.

  • ban [name/ip/userID] — Bans the named user or IP.
  • banned — Shows a full list of banned users.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] — Kicks the named user or IP.
  • save — Forces the game to save.
  • unban [name/ip/userID] — Unbans the named user or IP.

Cheat Commands

These commands require the Console Commands to be activated as explained above.

  • addstatus [name] — Adds a status effect (Rested, Burning, Wet, etc).
  • beard [beard#] — Changes your beard, while entering this command without a new beard type removes your beard.
  • clearstatus — Removes any status effects (both good and bad).
  • dpsdebug — Toggles dps debug print on and off.
  • env [env] — Sets environment status.
    • Possible environment types: Clear, Twilight_Clear, Misty, Darklands_dark, Heath clear, DeepForest Mist, GDKing, Rain, LightRain, ThunderStorm, Eikthyr, GoblinKing, nofogts, SwampRain, Bonemass, Snow, Twilight_Snow, Twilight_SnowStorm, SnowStorm, Moder, Ashrain, Crypt, SunkenCrypt.
  • exploremap — Reveals the whole map.
  • event [name] — Starts the named event.
  • ffsmooth 1 — Adds smooth movements to the free camera.
  • ffsmooth 0 — Resets smooth movements to normal.
  • forcedelete [radius=5] [*name] — Removes objects within a given radius (up to 50 meters). If ID is given, only objects that contain the name on their ID. The following objects are never removed:
    •      Players and tombstones
    •      Valkyrie
    •      Points of Interests (locations)
    •      Dungeons and their rooms
    •      Vegvisirs
    •      Boss stones at the starting spawn
  • find [text] [pingmax] — Finds matching objects and pings them on the map. Pingmax defaults to 1; if greater, it will place pins on the map instead.
  • fly — Toggles the fly mode (same as in the debug mode).
  • freefly — Toggles the free camera.
  • gc — Shows garbage collection information.
  • genloc — Redistributes all unplaced locations.
  • ghost — Toggle the ghost mode (meaning that enemies will ignore you).
  • god — Enables the god mode.
  • goto [x] [z] — Teleports the player to the specified coordinates.
  • hair [hair#] — Changes your hair. Entering this command without a new hair type removes your hair.
  • heal — Heals you to full Health.
  • itemset [name] [keep] — Spawns a premade item set. Without the keep flag, your current items will be dropped. Set names:
    • Meadows: Skills set to 1. Wood/flint weapons with a Bronze pickaxe.
    • BlackForest: Skills set to 10. Wood/flint weapons.
    • Swamps: Skills set to 10-20. Bronze weapons and armor.
    • Mountains: Skills set to 25. Iron weapons and armor.
    • Plains: Skills set to 35. Silver weapons and wolf armor.
    • PlainsBoss: Skills set to 40. Blackmetal weapons and padded armor.
    • EndGame: Skills set to 70. Upgraded blackmetal weapons and padded armor.
  • killall — Kills all nearby enemies and creatures, including tamed (same as in the debug mode).
  • listkeys — Lists all global keys.
  • location [name] — Spawns a location instance. Be careful, it permanently disables saving.
  • model [0-1] — Switches character model from male to female, and vice versa.
  • nextseed — forces the next dungeon to a seed (regenerates it). Permanently disables saving.
  • nocost — Toggles the no cost mode (same as in the debug mode).
  • players [number] — Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.
  • pos — Shows player coordinates.
  • printcreatures — Prints the counts and levels of active creatures.
  • printlocations — Prints the loaded locations and their distances and offsets to the player.
  • puke — Resets fullness/hunger, returning you to default Health/Stamina.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] — Raises (or lowers) the named skill by the value entered.
  • randomevent — Starts a random event.
  • recall [name] — Teleports the player to your current position.
  • removebirds — Removes all active birds.
  • removedrops — Removes all items dropped on the ground in the area (same as in the debug mode).
  • removefish — Removes all active fish.
  • removekey [name] — Removes a global key.
  • resetcharacter — Resets all of your character data.
  • resetenv — Resets the debug environment.
  • resetkeys [name] — Removes all global keys. [name] parameter doesn’t seem to do anything.
  • resetmap — Hides entire map.
  • resetskill [skill] — Sets specified skill level to 0.
  • resetwind — Resets the wind angle and intensity.
  • save — Forces the game to save the current world state.
  • setkey [name] — Adds a global key.
  • setpower [name] — Sets the current Forsaken power and resets the cooldown (for example, GP_Eikthyr, GP_TheElder, etc).
  • skiptime [seconds = 240] — Skips forward, changing day number and time of day.
    • This doesn’t update the timestamps of objects which causes issues when going back in time. 
    • The mob spawn locations will stop spawning enemies until the time is back to the original. 
    • Animals and plants stop growing until the time is back to the original. 
    • Fermenters, Smelters, Kilns, etc, may stop working until the time is back to the original. Otherwise, you’ll have to destroy them to fix it.
  • sleep — Skips forward one day.
  • spawn [entity name] [amount] [level] — Spawns specified entity (check the ID list for names of spawnable entities).
    • If the entity name ends with a star (*), the command spawns each entity that contains the entity name.
    • All item drops will be spawned one by one. Spawning thousands of items can make the game freeze before the item drops get auto-stacked.
    • Level only affects creatures. High level creatures (level 10+) can make the game freeze on death by dropping thousands of items.
    • Note that some spawnable entities can’t be removed from the game without using mods.
  • stopevent — Stops the current event.
  • tame — Tames all nearby Creatures.
  • test [value] — Toggles a test value.
    • oldcomfort: Reverts to old non-optimized comfort calculation.
  • time — Shows the current time and whether sleeping is possible.
  • timescale [target = 1] [fadetime = 0] — Sets the speed of time. Up to 3x speed. Fadetime sets the transition duration. Value 0 pauses the game. Freefly works while paused.
  • tod [0-1] — Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are both midnight. 0.5 is noon. -1 reverts to default.
  • wind [angle] [intensity] — Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.
    • angle = degree vector from 0 to 360 (0 is wind from south, 270 is wind from east)
    • intensity = value from 0 to 1.0
      • For example, wind 90 0.5 gives a moderate strength wind blowing from west to east

Debug Commands

These commands are slightly different from the above commands and are perfect for free building in Valheim, with some overlap with other commands as noted before. To enter this mode, type debugmode in chat. The same command typed again disables it. While enabled, the following hotkeys have new functions:

  • B — Toggle for creative mode building, no workbench or resources needed.
  • K — Tap to kill all nearby enemies and creatures (including tamed creatures) within range.
  • L — Removes all item drops in the area.
  • Z — Toggle to fly. Spacebar gives you altitude, Ctrl brings you back down.