All controls for Roblox Titanage

List of all the Roblox Titanage controls on PC.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Titanage is a new Roblox game inspired by the famous Attack of the Titan series. The game puts you in a brutal world full of ruthless titans that are hungry for blood. As is the case with most Roblox games, players will have to figure the game’s controls on their own as Titanage doesn’t tell it beforehand.

That said, here are all the Roblox Titanage’s controls:

  • Movement- W,A,S,D
  • Sprint- W+W
  • Attack- Left Click
  • Jump- Spacebar
  • Grapple Left- Q
  • Grapple Right- E
  • Draw/Withdraw blades- F
  • Reload blades- R
  • Backpack- ` (key below the Esc button)
  • Skills- 1-7 (one key for each subsequent skill) 
  • Settings- Esc
  • Zoom in/out- Scroll button

Controls are pretty straightforward in Roblox Titanage. That said, the grappling feature is where most new players will struggle. Titans are rampant in the game, and it’s vital to avoid their brutal swings. Apart from simple sidestepping using the movement keys, grappling can be a great way of avoiding damage.

To grapple, use the ‘E’ and ‘Q’ buttons as mentioned above. However, players can also jump after grappling to get an additional boost. You can continue to stay in the air by grappling left and right. Finally, if you get hit by one of the titans, you can always heal back by interacting with the Medic NPC.