All core recipes in Nexomon: Extinction

Whipping up the strength you need to survive

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One of the most charming things in Nexomon: Extinction is the ability to craft cores a the variety of shards found in mineable black rocks. Cores do so much for your creatures, thus you shouldn’t ever be dismissive of any of the rocks you find. However, there’s one small issue in the game. You can only figure out what type of shards you need for your desired cores by going into the crafting lab. To help you know each core’s recipe while out in the wild, here’s a definitive list of each core and their needed ingredients. 

The game doesn’t mention their names when on the crafting menu — just their colors. There are eight shards in total to remember: blazing (red), ocean (blue), nature (green), thunder (yellow), stone (brown), mind (pink), tempest (light blue), and phantom (purple).

  • Destruction Core (I): three blazing shards and two thunder shards
  • Destruction Core (II): six blazing shards, three thunder shards, and three stone shards
  • Destruction Core (III): 10 blazing shards, five thunder shards, and three stone shards
  • Protection Core (I): one ocean shard and three stone shards
  • Protection Core (II): three ocean shards, five stone shards, and one nature shard
  • Protection Core (III): six ocean shards, 10 stone shards, and four nature shards
  • Vitality Core (I): two tempest shards, three nature shards, and one mind shard
  • Vitality Core (II): four tempest shards, two ocean shards, seven nature shards, and two mind shards
  • Vitality Core (III): six tempest shards, four ocean shards, 10 nature shards, and three mind shard
  • Immunity Core (I): two thunder shards, one phantom shard, and one mind shard
  • Immunity Core (II): four thunder shards, two phantom shards, two mind shards, and one tempest shard
  • Immunity Core (III): six thunder shards, four phantom shards, three mind shards, and four tempest shards
  • Experience Core (I): two ocean shards and three mind shards 
  • Experience Core (II): three ocean shards, four nature shards, six mind shards, and one stone shard 
  • Experience Core (III): six ocean shards, eight nature shards, 10 mind shards, and four stone shards. 
  • Greed Core (I): two phantom shards and one thunder shard
  • Greed Core (II): four phantom shards, three thunder shards, and two ocean shards
  • Greed Core (III): seven phantom shards, five thunder shards, four ocean shards, and three nature shards
  • Stamina Core (I): two thunder shards and one phantom shard
  • Stamina Core (II): four thunder shards, two phantom shards, one ocean shard, and two blazing shards.
  • Stamina Core (III): eight thunder shards, four phantom shards, three ocean shards, and four blazing shards.

If you are rich in shards, we recommend that you stick to buying level 3 cores, as they can be stacked when applied to one Nexomon. For example, two Destruction Cores that are level 3 can boost your beast’s Attack stat by 20%. Try your best to avoid selling shards to the marketplaces, as some types like tempest and phantom shards are hard to come by.