All cosmetics in MCC Island and how to unlock them

Make sure to rep your own style while on MCC Island.

Image via Noxcrew

The MCC Island closed beta has finally started more than a year after the server was first announced. Noxcrew has sent out invitations to the closed beta, and players are getting the chance to participate in some of their favorite MCC games. As part of the closed beta, Noxcrew has also revealed that exclusive cosmetics will be available on the MCC Island server. If you’re wondering what cosmetics are in MCC Island and how to unlock them, here is everything we know.

All MCC Island cosmetics and how to get them

Image via Noxcrew

Cosmetics in MCC Island generally fall into four categories, though all of them can be customized to give yourself the exact look you’re after. Noxcrew recently posted on their forums all the details we currently have about the cosmetics and how to unlock them. The MCC Island cosmetic types are:

  • Hats – Simple cosmetics that go onto the player’s head
  • Accessories – These are items that are held by the player and can include spatulas, laser swords, and wizard’s staves
  • Trails – This cosmetic creates a path behind the player as they walk and can be customized to be different colors or have sparkling effects
  • Auras – Similar to trails, this is a collection of tiny blocks that surround the player and give them a unique appearance wherever they go, making them shine and sparkle

All of these cosmetics can be unlocked by playing through different modes in MCC Island. Note that not all of these methods are available in the closed beta but will presumably become possible as the server develops.

Unlocking these items can be done by:

  • Opening Customization Crates earned by playing MCC Island mini-games
  • Purchased in the Shopping District using coins earned by playing mini-games
  • In the Game Token Shops in the Game Lobbies
  • Completing Achievements, World Quests, and Events (Not currently available)
  • As a Faction Level reward

Customizing your cosmetics in MCC Island

Players can also customize their cosmetics by using the MCC Island Chroma Packs and Item Variants. Chroma Packs allow players to change the color of the applicable cosmetic. There are four different Chroma Packs available at the moment; Thermal, Verdant, Oceanic, and Regal, all of which affect different color gradients. All of these packs also unlock the grayscale palette for players to use.

Item Variants, on the other hand, allow players to change a feature of one of a specific cosmetic. These can be the particles the cosmetic gives off, the model, or the design.

Both types of variants are unlocked using Blueprints, which are incomplete versions of the variants that need to be built. Blueprints can be found by purchasing them from shops or by obtaining Customization Kits and Crates. These come in three tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Golden, and can be found by:

  • Playing MCC Island mini-games
  • Completing Quest, Faction, or Level-up rewards
  • Purchasing them from the Rotating Token Shop in the Game Lobbies
  • Purchasing them from Posé using MCC Island’s premium currency

Using Blueprints

Image via Noxcrew

Getting a Blueprint is the first step. After that, you’ll need to collect the listed components to rebuild the variant. These components can be earned as prizes in MCC Island’s mini-games, but more likely, they’ll be found as part of the Customization Kits and Crates. There are five rarity tiers to these components, ranging from common to legendary. Higher tier variants will require rarer components to complete.

Ones you have all the components you need to complete the Blueprint, take it to the Cosmetic Crafter in Posé and use the Blueprint Assembler. Put the Blueprint and the necessary components into the queue and wait for a while for it to be completed. Note that this service also costs a few coins to complete.