All Costa Del Mar Anti-Aircraft Sites in Far Cry 6

Gain more Uranium in Costa Del Mar by visiting the Anti-Aircraft Sites.


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Anti-Aircraft Sites are another type of outpost in Far Cry 6. These areas are in restricted zones that sometimes have a lot of enemies roaming about. The sites themselves have several guards that watch over an anti-aircraft gun and taking it out is a must.

Anti-Aircraft Sites protect the skies of Yara and prevent you from flying helicopters and planes over the island. If you happen to fly into one of these restricted zones, they will give you one warning before shooting you out of the sky.

While clear skies are nice, the best part of these sites is obtaining the Depleted Uranium. Each site contains 50 Depleted Uranium that you will need to buy new items from Juan’s shop. There are two of these sites that need to be cleared in Costa Del Mar, Site Gamma and Site Eta.

Anti-Aircraft Site Eta

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Site Eta is located in the northern section of the region. There is a nearby Checkpoint that you can clear before heading down to give you a good fast travel point to reach it. There are about three or four guards protecting this site which is fewer than the normal number you will run into. Make sure to grab the Uranium after destroying the gun. It can be found nearby.

Anti-Aircraft Site Gamma

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While Site Eta is located in the northern section, Site Gamma is located in the southern section of the region. Site Gamma appears to only have two enemies that you can easily avoid if you aren’t looking for a fight. There is one guard below the tower and one guard in it. Coming in from the back will keep you undetected so you can destroy the gun in peace.