Will Counter-Strike 2 have an Open Beta?

Can you check out Counter-Strike 2 before it’s officially out?

Image via Valve

Counter-Strike 2 is the follow-up to the massively successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other Counter-Strike games that have come before it. Developed by Valve, it’s a highly anticipated title that many fans are eager to jump into and begin checking out for themselves. However, before the game officially comes out, many fans are curious to know if the game will have an open beta. Here’s what you need to know about if an open beta is coming to Counter-Strike 2 before it arrives.

Are there plans for an open beta in Counter-Strike 2?

We can confirm that Valve is looking for players to test out Counter-Strike 2 well before it releases, as the development team wants to make sure they get several unique factors correct. However, because the developers want to make sure the right people get into the game to test these specific features, not everyone can check out the beta, which is being called a limited test.

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For those who are greenlit for the limited test, the Valve team will review a player’s overall playtime, how much they can trust you to act professionally, and your Steam account’s current standing. All of these independent factors play a role in determining if you get into the limited test to check out Counter-Strike 2, but not every player who regularly jumps into the current game should expect an invitation.

Beyond this limited test, we’re unaware if Valve will have a more official open beta. The team could plan one out if they’re going to stress test the servers and they’re looking for the community’s help to check this out. Counter-Strike 2 is expected to release sometime in the Summer of 2023, and so until an official date arrives, you’ll have to spend your time practicing your shots on the official servers. Any player who already owns Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be able to play Counter-Strike 2 for free when it releases.