All Dartmoor shortcuts in Hitman 3

Here is how to make your way around the manor easier.

In the second location in Hitman 3, Dartmoor, Agent 47 disguises as a Private Investigator and has to eliminate Alexa Carlisle. Just like the other locations, there are several shortcuts in Dartmoor as well.

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Shortcuts are newly introduced in Hitman 3 and make it easier for players to navigate different map sections. For instance, in Dartmoor, if you want to go back to the garden and you are inside the manor, you need to traverse a long way back to the main door. Shortcuts make it significantly easier since you can go back to the garden by using the ladder in the balcony in Zachary’s room.

In Dartmoor, you need to have the crowbar to unlock the various shortcuts.

How to get the crowbar

To get the crowbar in Hitman 3, you need to head outside the manor and head left from the main entrance. You will see a green-colored grocery delivery truck, and the crowbar can be found lying on a crate just beside the truck. You can use your Instinct to find it if you can’t locate it. After you have picked up the crowbar, make sure you don’t have it equipped else guards might start suspecting you.

Dartmoor shortcuts in Hitman 3

Balcony Ladder

After you enter Zachary’s bedroom on Level 1, head straight to find a door that leads into the balcony. On the right side of the balcony, you will find a ladder. If you have the crowbar, interact with the ladder to break the lock and unlock the shortcut.

Maintenance Ladder

The second shortcut is located near Alexa Carlisle’s office. It is not possible to go to the office directly since the guards will catch you. However, there is a way from Zachary’s bedroom. After reaching the balcony in Zachary’s bedroom:

  1. Go towards the left and drop down from the ledge.
  2. Keep moving right until you reach an open window.
  3. Don’t go inside the window; instead, climb over the ledge and then climb onto the green pipe.

Keep climbing the pipe, and you will reach another balcony. You will find another pipe here, which you need to climb to reach a balcony just outside Alexa Carlisle’s office.

  • Go inside the office and climb a ledge on the right, just above the staircase.
  • Move leftwards on the ledge to reach an open window.
  • Climb inside the window, and you will see another ladder on your right.
  • Use your crowbar to break the lock and unlock the Maintenance Ladder.

This will make your path to Alexa Carlisle’s office significantly shorter.

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